Women’s Circle for Understanding Men

How Much Time Do You Spend Trying to Understand What a Man Said or Did?

The man you were dating did something that makes no sense to you whatsoever! You felt confused, frustrated, angry and frankly hurt. You aren’t sure what to do next either.

How could you know what to do? You have no idea what is going on!

How Hard Was It to
Figure Out What Happened?

I bet you really tried. A few hours if you were lucky, but more likely days and weeks. Maybe you’e embarrassed to admit how much time you invested in trying to figure him out and what happened.

If you added up all the time, would it be equal to a full work week or even more? You called your girlfriends and maybe asked a guy friend you trust. Have you sort of worn out the people your close to?

Did you feel exhausted, wiped out or maybe hopeless?

understanding men

Then, did you even feel like you got a real understanding of what that man was up to after all that effort? I doubt it. I bet you were left feeling extremely unsatisfied and unsure.

You Want to KNOW!

Women want to KNOW what a man means when he says something and what’s behind the actions he takes. Or his lack of action and follow through can often be MORE of a problem.

What the heck was that about and what did it mean? Why did he say one thing and do the exact opposite? This is such a struggle and painful process for every woman looking for love.

It’s So Insanely Frustrating!

You probably surf the web for articles with answers, ask your girlfriends, and maybe ask male friends what they think about a situation.

A lot of times, single women feel that if they could just UNDERSTAND and then talk about it with him, the situation could be resolved. That’s why its so darn aggravating to not get what a man is up to.

You fret and worry and think about what happened over and over and over again.

Sometimes you feel like his distance or disappearance must be your fault. You blame yourself and go over everything you said and did with a magnifying glass looking for that ONE reason.

And, you shed way too many tears over a man like that.

This causes your mood to sinks and that awful, hopeless feeling in the pit of your stomach reminds you that things never seem to work out for you. You’ve been through this too many times.

Why Does This Happen?

I know how awful not understanding men really is. I lived through it myself when I was dating and looking for the man who is now my sweet husband.

How many calls went out to my girlfriends as we tried to put the puzzle pieces together for a shred of insight.

Little did I know it was almost always a WASTE of time

Women Usually Guess Wrong!

Now that I’m on this side of the dating world and have been a love coach for 17 years, I know how wrong all my guesses were for understanding men. Most often WAY OFF!

Why? Because as women, we try to understand men by THINKING LIKE A WOMAN!

Instead, you need to find out HOW MEN THINK about dating for any chance of true  understanding. To get where they are coming from and the reasons behind their behavior, you need insight into a man’s mind.

Get Clear on What Matters

When you get clear on what is the most important thing to focus on regarding how men think, you’ll find understanding their behavior so much less confusing. In fact, the whole process can be simplistic and practically cut and dry.

Hard to imagine that? It’s true!

The good news is I have worked out a system to simplify what men say and do, so my clients  no longer have to stress, fret and worry about what happened. Or, what to do about it.


In this eye-opening monthly program, we will have a frank and open discussion about understanding men. You will gain a deeper understanding of why men do the things they do and what you can do about it.

Finally, you will get the answers you have wished and searched for over the years!

I will share my method to simplify understanding what men say and do, so you will KNOW what steps you should take next.

Discussion Will Include…

  • Why he said he’d call but didn’t
  • What to do if you’re always the one initiating calls and texts
  • How to react when he disappears
  • Why you both had a great time, but he never asked you out again
  • How to know if he’s stringing you along and wasting your time
  • Should you call him if you haven’t heard from him in a while
  • The best way to bring up something that’s bothering you
  • How to know if you should offer to pay on the date
  • What to say if he pushes for sex before you’re ready
  • How to respond to his tough questions like, “Why are you still single?”
  • The best way to handle a man who is rude
  • How to find out if you are exclusive
  • What to make of a man who is separated or not yet completely divorced
  • Clues that a widower is ready for love again
  • How to deal with cheating and jealousy
  • What his controlling behavior tells you
  • How to know when a man is gas-lighting you
  • Signs you’ve actually found a keeper
  • And so much more

Each month there will be a discussion topic and then I’ll open the line for your questions.

Have You Ever Wished for an
Expert with Real Answers?

I’m going to share every scrap of knowledge that can help in this incredibly exciting and eye-opening program. You’ll learn exactly what you need to understand men and make better and faster decisions.

You’ll find out how to handle tough situations and gain insight into what is really going on in his head.

Plus, and this is really important, you’ll get to the bottom line of what it all means to you and what your next step is.

Knowledge Is Power!

Imagine learning a method that makes understanding men easy. So simple, that you can apply the knowledge to your own dating situations as they come up, over and over again.

You’ll know just what to do in almost any situation once you grasp the basic method. And every month there will be something new and invaluable to learn.

It really is surprisingly simple when you know how to peel back the layers causing confusion!

Enjoy the Warmth & Support of the
Women’s Circle

Plus, the camaraderie with like-minded woman offers amazing support as you come to realize you are not alone in your experiences or how you feel.

We’ll come together with the common bond of understanding men to help you weed out time wasting guys faster, so you can find “The One”.

What My Happy Clients Have to Say

Ronnie KNOWS Men

“I was completely amazed as Ronnie explained what was really going on with the man I was seeing. It’s like she had X-ray vision in his mind! Thank goodness I spoke to her when I did, so I didn’t waste any more time! Now I know what to watch for to avoid men like him. What an awesome game changer!” – Natasha, Texas

With Ronnie’s Help, I Found My Soulmate!

“Ronnie class was wonderful! She broke down my resistance to opening my heart to love, and she did it in a funny way so that I laughed at myself rather than condemn myself. I listened to her I Believe audio program often as well and my confidence grew… Ronnie is so positive and encouraging – I would recommend her to any single woman looking for love!” –Nicole, Connecticut


When Is the Women’s Circle?

Every month on the 3rd Monday night, we’ll gather on a conference call to discuss a chosen topic and then I’ll answer your questions as time permits. The program will run from 7:30 – 8:30 pm eastern (New York time).

Dates Include: August 19,  September 16,  October 21,  November 18 and December 16. This will be a recurring program every month into 2020.


What’s Included?

  • Monthly one-hour Women’s Circle meeting
  • Recordings of each monthly gathering
  • My Amazon Bestseller: Is He The One? Find Mr. Right by Spotting Mr. Wrong
  • The Book: What Men Think – Midlife Men Reveal Thoughts on Dating, Love and Women
  • The Book: 10 Reasons a Woman Should Never Pay on the First Date
  • The Audio Program: How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey
  • Special Report: Exit Strategies – 10 Kind Ways to Say “No Thank You”


How Much Is It?

This is my most affordable program. It’s truly an amazing value because the monthly fee is so incredibly low.


A Monthly Subscription Fee of just $27!


Pay a one-time fee of $37 for any one month you want to attend,
but you won’t have access to the other materials.


Which one will you choose to gain access to the most valuable information you’ll ever get about modern dating and understanding men?


Attend once, but please remember you won’t have access
to the recording or materials.


Happy Clients from Programs & Coaching

“I took one of Ronnie’s workshops early last year. The class was so insightful and very practical with a ton of useful advice and above all, it gave me the courage to “get out there” and feel more in control. Why am I telling you this? I’m getting married next weekend. Thanks Ronnie!” 
– Tina, Oregon


“I get so much out of the groups sessions! The information was just want I needed to feel a lot more confident about my choices. Not only do I get my own questions answered, but I also learn from what the other women ask. Where else can you get such great dating info for this kind of price? I’d highly recommend any group program you offer Ronnie, to all single women who are looking love!”  – Beth, Rhode Island