Winter Solstice Manifesting Workshop

What Do You Want to Create for 2021?

winter solstice

Sorry this is now a private event – Catch the next Solstice Event 6/21/21

The Winter Solstice is the most powerful time of year to manifest your dreams. As the shortest day, from this point forward the hours of sunlight will increase. Yay!

In the Northern hemisphere, we shift into the energy of expansion until the Summer Solstice, when once again, the daylight begins to grow shorter.

With the height of creative energy, what do you hope to manifest for 2021? This is the most auspicious time to get things rolling!

Exciting Astrology Event

Even more exciting, according to the astrologers, this is the first time in 800 years that Jupiter and Saturn conjunct, coming together so closely they show up in the night sky as one big star. This is called the  Star of Bethlehem and also the Christmas Star.

Now you know this is an extremely special and fortuitous time, ideal for manifesting!

In This Manifesting Workshop, You Will…

  • Clear your energy and let go of disappointments from 2020
  • Set your intentions for what you want to manifest in 2021
  • Discover your spiritual or energetic focus to help attract your dreams
  • Charge your aura to maximize your vibration and magnetism
  • Envision fulfilling this destiny
  • Script your success to begin building the energy for manifesting
  • Enjoy a gratitude process you can use anytime to lift your spirits

Exciting Bonus – 5 Card Reading! $47 Value

Plus, register early and get a five-card reading with my own Elemental Wisdom deck, providing important insights on 2021 and your suggested focus to create the life you want. The write up will be emailed before the workshop, provided you register by Friday, 12/18 at midnight.

For the workshop, please join me via zoom from 7:30-9:00 pm ET (New York time) for 90-minutes to focus your energy, lift your spirits and create what you want! Details will be provided after registration.


Register Now!

Conducted on zoom, this workshop is packed with helpful tools and opportunities for personal growth and manifesting your heart’s desire.

Whether you want love, a new job, a new home or more fun, the Winter Solstice Manifesting Workshop will get you started at the apex of manifesting energy for the next 365 days!

Don’t miss this inspiring gathering- its going to be amazing!