Will August’s Blueberry Moon Sweeten Up Your Love Life?

The Blueberry Moon is just one of the many names for August’s 2019 full moon. But how will this full moon on August 15th impact your love life and relationships? Read on to find out!

blueberry moonMany Names for August’s Full Moon

Known as the Blueberry Moon by the Native American Ojibwe tribe, this is obviously based on how August is perfect for blueberry picking. The Dakota Sioux called this the “Moon When Things Ripen”.

Yet, several other North American tribes refer to August’s full moon as the Sturgeon Moon because this large fish was plentiful at this time in the Great Lakes. Other names also focus on crops such as the Wheat Moon, Full Hay Moon and the Full Green Corn Moon.

Emotions Rise at the Full Moon

As with every full moon, when it grows to spherical perfection, emotions often rise. Tempers have a tendency to flare up, but other emotions can peak too.

The advice is if you catch yourself suddenly with a lot of emotion, think twice before you react. Always a smart move. Take time to process before reacting!

That’s why a full moon ceremony or meditation is a great idea, so you can focus inward. This quiet and contemplative time allows you to settle down and gain the inner wisdom you need for greater clarity. When the dust settles, deciding on your next step is easier.

The Blueberry Moon Is in Aquarius

Experts say the sign of Aquarius is about looking into the future, thinking about moving forward, growing and developing. This can also be about stretching boundaries which fits right in with the idea of evolving.

That means this full moon is a time to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to create something new!  This could be new friends, new goals, new dreams and even a NEW MAN!

Time to Re-Evaluate

blueberry moonThe message for the August 2019 Full Moon is to avoid repeating the same old patterns. When you keep doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results, that’s the very definition of insanity! Forget that.

If you’re really hoping for a new outcome in your love life, spend time in your full moon ceremony letting go. Use the Blueberry Moon to release old flames, old patterns, thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you. Let go of expectations and even ways of doing things.

Once you clean house so to speak, then you have room for something new to happen. You won’t be all bogged down by outmoded ways of thinking or doing things. And you won’t be tied to your ex or carrying a torch for him.

Now you’ll be open to new opportunities! You might discover new resources or non-traditional ways to connect with new people. If you’re already in a relationship, try something new together to get out of a rut that might be keeping you down.

The Full Moon Opposed to Venus

Another aspect of the Full Blueberry Moon is that all that bright light can help you to achieve greater balance. This is a good time to look at how all the elements of your life work together and affect your relationships.

Especially true for August, the planet Venus and the moon are opposed in the night sky.  Since Venus rules over love,  there may be surprises in that department. But astrologers say this can offer something truly beautiful as you move forward in your own special way this month.

In case you need to face any change or challenge, be sure to stand firmly in your own truth. That’s  how you retain your balance. When you know what is right for you, it’s so much easier to take the appropriate action and not let anyone get you off center.

blueberry moonFull Moon Sheds Light on Situations

Typical of the full moon, the Blueberry Moon will shed light on situations in your life that may have previously been murky or unclear. You might finally understand something that happened between you and your love or uncover undercurrents within your own heart or mind.

Let it all bubble up to the surface to be released. You can clear away old habits, patterns or feelings and take advantage of new ways to be more flexible and open.

Speaking of light, tonight and tomorrow are the best for viewing the annual Perseid Meteor Showers! This is another event that rewards those who push and strive to get out of their safe little comfort zone.

Make it your business to try something new or go for what you want. If that’s love girlfriend, take some action!! Read how the Perseid meteor showers will impact your sign here.

Enjoy the Blueberry Moon and bask in all the glorious feminine energy and light you can handle. You’re so beautiful in the glow of the moonlight.

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