Where to Meet Men – Real Housewives of NYC Style!

Single women everywhere want to know where to meet men. This is the #1 question I get asked as a dating coach. Women always want to know where they can meet quality men.

where to meet men
Courtesy of Bravo Real Housewives of New York

Where to Meet Men in NYC

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint them with the fact that there is no one special place where only the good men hangout. The quality guys you seek are out there, mixed in with all the other men. The whole point of dating is to sort through to find the right one for you.

However, if you live in or around New York City, and want to mingle with the rich and famous, here’s how they do things on the Real Housewives of New York City – the Bravo reality show.

In the current season only one housewife, Julianne, is married. Two, Dorinda and Carol are in relationships. But the rest including Bethenny, Sonja, Ramona and Luann have been single and looking! Actually Luann just got engaged but what happens next remains to be seen this Wednesday night – it doesn’t look good.

where to meet men
Courtesy of Bravo TV

So, where do these single women in their late 40s and early 50’s go to meet eligible bachelors in NYC? (I know the real underlying question is where to meet rich men but that’s just between us girls.) Recently Ramona Singer rattled off all the bars she has been to lately and that’s what I want to share with you local gals in this post.

These are hot spots for the rich and famous, so be prepared to pay big bucks for that drink. But you will be mingling with a different “class” of people, so you might consider it an investment in your love life. When you are searching for where to meet men over 40 or 50, check out these places frequented by Ramona. Think Luxury!

The Bar at Baccarat Hotel is designed in the fashion of great American long bars from decades past and glamorous ballrooms of French hotels. Stunning black and white checkerboard floors and crystal chandeliers. But that’s not what will catch your eyes ladies. Hopefully the men will fulfill your vision for a fun night on the town.

The Regency Bar at the the Loew’s Regency Hotel is an extension of the sophisticated Regency Bar & Grill. On the corner of Park Avenue and 61st, this hot spot also offers the Lobby Lounge which they claim is the perfect place to sit back and conduct business. But I bet its ideal for slipping out of the fray to chat with a new handsome man of interest.

The CarlyleBemelman’s Bar is now owned by the Rosewood Hotel. But at one time this was New York’s premier luxury residential hotel and a gathering place for socialites. The whimsical art was painstaking hand-painted by Ludwig Bemelman, creator of the children’s book series “Madelaine”. Bemelman traded his year and a half of painting the walls for residency at the Carlyle. The dark wood and warm brown leather makes the bar a comfy place for conversation with the right people.

Raoul’s was the the last place mentioned by Ramona.  Turns out this is a French Bistro in SoHo with the best hamburger in town. However, much to the chagrin of burger-lovers, it’s only available at the bar.  So if you have a craving for both overpriced chopped meet and men of means, this seems like the perfect place to stop.

Another Hot Spot

Clients have also mentioned that The Campbell ( a.k.a. Campbell’s Apartment) is another great spot to meet men in NYC. It’s located at Grand Central Station.

Flirting Like the Real Housewives

Of course, you know it’s not just where to meet men that counts. You have to be friendly and approachable! If you catch a man looking at you, please smile for 2-3 seconds before gracefully turning your head away.. If he was good looking, you can always check back and smile again.

Other flirting tips include tossing or readjusting your hair, smoothing out your clothes with your palm, playing with your necklace or earrings. Yes, these are proven flirting tactics that let a man know you’re open to interacting. Come on now ladies – make it easy for these guys. Be nice, use humor and pretend if you have to that you are having the time of your life. That’s VERY ATTRACTIVE!

If you manage to be open and friendly and easy to talk to, then shier men might take a chance to approach you and that is what you want! Keep in mind that when you are nice to one guy, OTHER MEN ARE WATCHING HOW YOU RESPOND!

Don’t blow the night by rudely turning away the first man who tries to speak with you. Kindness and graciousness work in your favor when you are trying to meet and mingle with upscale men.

Don’t take each interaction too seriously either. Just go with the flow. You might not meet the right man the first time out. But when you frequent the same few places over and over, your chances of meeting other customers skyrocket.

Let me know how it goes if you check these places out or you find other spots perfect for where to meet men!

Wishing you love,

where to meet men


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  1. A year ago I noticed a handsome man staring at me at my gfs birthday party. I looked behind me, no one there, so he must have been interested a bit. Months later I was invited to his birthday party and we really hit it off, sparks and all. I had to leave to go dancing with friends and he made a sarcastic comment about the cougars heading out on the prowl. I said not cool. Then I ran into a well known tv person I’d met yearscago, and when I turnedvaround, birthday guy was gone. I waited a week and contacted him to follow up on his offer to do a presentation at my school. He sent someone else. I was surprised because he was so happy and open with me for three hours…since then, I’ve contacted him via messenger a few times, but no reply. I really thought we’d be good together..want a 2nd chance. His family says he’s given up on love and prefers volunteering or taking courses. Is there anything I can do besides give up on him? His sister in law likes me and is willing to help.

    • Susie – He isn’t answering you – that tells you all you need. He’s not interested. I know that’s harsh but it’s true. Listen to his family – he doesn’t want to find love. He has a chip on his shoulder and that is where that snide comment came from about cougars on the prowl. My bet is if you try, you can find a better man. One who is open and wants a relationship. He’s not the one and there is nothing you can do to change that.

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