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Here’s what I learned about the Faerie Realm when a group of us went into the Akashic Records to gain insights on what they offer humans.

Faeries and the Akashic Records

breathe love and magic podcastThis was an amazing experience that I am still smiling about. Every month I get together with four other spiritually-minded women to talk about out lives and what we are working on. It’s a spiritual mastermind.

We always wrap up our session by going into the Akashic Records at the same time, to help an individual who has something going on or we’re all curious about a particular topic.

One woman had recently visited with the Faerie Realm in a nearby park and was telling us what happened. She had left them an offering and is working to get to know them.

This made us all curious about what purpose the faeries, Fae Folk or Sidhe (sounds like “she”) and regular fairies serve here on earth and what they offer humans.

Good question, right?

They exist in a realm or dimension that is close to ours and sometimes people can see them! There are also little fairies (notice the spelling is different) that are part of the elemental kingdom which are different than the Fae.

We wanted a better understanding of both fairies and the Faerie Realm as to why are they here, what do we need to know, and what do we gain by communicating with them.

5 Messages about Faeries

mother earthI’m going to share what all five of us received in the Akashic Records. We were very respectful and agreed to only look at what they wanted us to see from the records. We didn’t dive into any one particular Fae’s records, so there wasn’t any invasion of their privacy.

The group wanted to know about the bigger perspective of the Faery race to understand how our interacting with them can be helpful and what we can learn from them.

Fountains of Joy

I sought to connect with the little winged fairies, which I encountered at the Blarney Castle in Ireland. There, the people created a fairy garden.

Sitting there for about 3 minutes because we were so rushed, I closed my eyes and the fairies came immediately, flitting around my face and eyes. Just about two inches high, they were so happy I came to visit them.

This was an incredible, exhilarating, and gleeful experience for me and this is what I wanted to know more about in the Akashic Records.

What these tiny fairies said to me (and maybe this was a more personal message) was that they wanted humanity to lighten up!

“Open your heart, sing, and dance. Throw fairy dust and enjoy the sparkles. When you work with fairy dust daily, please sprinkle it liberally, and allow yourself to enjoy those sparkles any time, anywhere.

You are made to feel joyful and here to experience joy rather than being mired down by all the problems and things you want to change with yourself or the world. That’s OK, but mix it up with joy in between or after.”

They said, “Call on the fairies to ask for help to lighten you up, lift your spirit, or lighten your load. We will help you shift your energy and perspective. We love to help and share our joy and love.”

Then they sent me fountains of joy and limitless fairy dust. I was so beyond happy, elated, and blissful with this exchange and the message. Totally amazing.

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The Eyes of a Child

The next person heard, “Magic is everywhere and you have the need to use the eyes of a child. Go back to your child-like self. That’s how you can more easily see the Faerie Realm.”

They are part of Gaia or mother earth energy, dedicated to creating balance in the eco-system. I thought that was a fabulous message – the faeries are here to help the earth and help us. This is a theme that continues in other messages.

Unearth Knowledge and Healing

spiritual podcastThe third woman who is the one that talks to the faeries said that they wish to bridge the span between people and the Faerie Realm to bring unity and healing to the earth. They are here to unearth the knowledge that can heal and assist with preservation of the earth. Also, they work to create greater longevity.

The power of this healing lies within our human hearts!

They asked humans to be like children, be joyful, and go play. Be creative and do creative projects.

The Fae want to be better understood and accepted. The wee ones are open and want you to trust what you see, hear and feel and share with others. They want you to be in communion with Mother Earth.

Respect Mother Earth

Mother EarthThe fourth woman of our group said the faeries make the world green and their presence is ancient. That’s definitely true of the elemental kingdom. They colorize our world and without them there would be no green.

Their message was to avoid disrespecting Gaia and the spirit of Mother Earth. They asked that we strive to preserve it. Inviting us to have a spiritual connection with Mother Earth and be in communion with the Faerie Realm and elementals.

There have been hundred of years where we have been out of balance with the earth from a human perspective, which has changed the way we grow our food and approach agriculture, build our cities and roads.

Instead, they ask humans to come from a place of being part of Mother Earth and one with her. This will shift how we relate to Mother Earth and our level of respect for her.

Be the Best You Can Be

spiritual podcastThe fifth woman heard that the Faeries’ request that we be the best we can be. The best version of yourself. The faeries bring joy, which should be shared, and they enjoy being with humans who are open to them.

These messages opened our hearts and filled us with joy. After our session was completed, there were many follow up texts, which is not our usual process. That’s because there was a tremendous amount of excitement and a lot of love flowed between all of us from this experience.

I have experienced many warm and welcoming conversations with the Faery Realm and elemental world. Today I wanted to share something fun, creative, and joyful with you. I could always use a little more joy – what about you?

Why not connect with the fairies and Fae Folk, and take advantage of what they offer humans?

I hope this lifted your spirits today. As always my blessing is, “May you live in the magic.”

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