What June’s Strawberry Full Moon Means For Your Love Life

Strawberry Full Moon - wolf howling at full moonHow Did the Full Moon Get It’s Name?

June’s Full Moon is called the Strawberry Full Moon, so named by the Native American Algonquin tribe according to the Farmer’s Almanac. June was (and still is) the time to pick the sweet red strawberry in the Northeastern portion of the US.

In Europe, this Full Moon has been referred to as the Honey Moon, and the Mead Moon (mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey).

In case you are curious, this full moon has also been name the Rose Moon since it’s the when the exalted flowers bloom and the Hot Moon due to it’s proximity to the Summer Solstice (June 21st) and the start of the summer season.

But, what you are most wanting to know is how does the Strawberry Full Moon affect your love life, right?

Strawberry Full Moon & Your Love Life

June’s Full Moon for 2019 is in Sagittarius which means it will definitely shed light on matters of love and the heart. It’s a time to carefully stretch your boundaries in relationships.

Boundaries are what you set up to manage your personal space – like limits. When you don’t want to be treated poorly by those you interact with regularly, you  establish and maintain firm boundaries.

This amounts to how much contact you want, what kind of language you find acceptable and how people can talk to you, and how much you will give without any reciprocity, etc. Will you overlook last minute cancellations or people who don’t respond to your calls or texts?

These are the things that define your boundaries.

When the people in your life know where you draw the line, they won’t be as likely to cross it or you. That means no one will treat you like a doormat or take advantage of your good nature.

You have limits girlfriend!

strawberry full moonMaintaining Good Boundaries

Part of having good boundaries is to know what you want and to be willing to express that to others. Not too quickly of course while dating. You’ve got to let the man decide he’s serious about you and wants a relationship first. Once that happens and you are exclusive, you can slowly start to talk about what you want.

It’s important to be honest with yourself and know your goals in order to move forward in life. Sometimes when you loosen up your boundaries, you make space for new and wonderful things to come into your life.

Examine Your Beliefs and Attitudes

One thing that can really help is to be sure you understand your beliefs and attitudes.  Your beliefs are like your computer’s operating system and are the foundation for how your world works.

When you are willing to question your beliefs, things can get shaken up! This can actually be a really good thing because you may discover a few of your beliefs were not accurate.

Accepting or opening to new ways of viewing the world can bring in new and vibrant energy that opens you to new opportunities. You might feel more optimistic and better about yourself and your chances to get what you want.

No matter what astrology sign you are, these are things that the Strawberry Full Moon offers you.

When Is The Strawberry Full Moon?


The peak of the Full Moon was actually this morning at 4:41 am, but you’ll see it tonight for sure (unless it’s cloudy!).

Don’t worry, if you miss it – there’s another Full Moon next month!

How to Use Full Moon Energy

The Full Moon is the perfect time to wrap things up, finish a project or tie up loose ends. You set intentions for the month at the New Moon, and at the Full Moon you are ready to celebrate and let go.

That’s why taking a bath is perfect for tonight. Clear your energy and let things go. Release what no longer serves you. Try a scented bath with essential oils or Epsom salts which are great for releasing toxins (good for your skin too.)

While in the tub, you might want to take time out to forgive anyone, even yourself for anything that might have transpired. Forgiveness is a great way to let it all go and heal.

If you like card readings, tonight’s a good time to pull a few cards and see what spirit has in store for you for the balance of the month.

Gratitude is always a wonderful way to celebrate a Full Moon – to be grateful for all you are, have achieved and will become. An attitude of gratitude is so magnetic and attractive!

So, there you have it girlfriends, the Strawberry Full Moon, what it’s all about and how to make the most of it for your love life!

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