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In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, Amy Gray-Cunningham explains how we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  She shares her wisdom and wonderful way of looking at life here on earth with lots of love.

Earth Is a Playground

boy on a slideAmy feels we’ve been here many, many times and we come back to earth to enjoy more fun. To her, earth is a playground and it’s all about how we choose to look at it. We are the divine creators of our experience, so we get to choose how we live this life.

Her perspective has changed on this in the last year. As a child she felt like the oddball out. She felt like she didn’t get “it” whatever that is. Now she sees “it” as having fun and choosing to be joyful, even in the midst of pain.

That is not always an easy task. I asked what secrets she could share to help listeners choose joy in the face of adversity.

Amy replied that the earth life is not for the faint of heart or an easy go. We are here to experience emotion and that’s what makes earth life so extreme. It’s an extreme sport – like mountain biking! We are on a journey of transformation.

Processing Emotions

We are made of energy and science has proven this. Turns out emotions are also energy. So, when you don’t let your emotions flow through the body and stuff them instead, the energy can turn into disease and pain.

She says it’s totally up to you though – whether it’s joyful or painful.

One objection to this idea is about children who have a rough childhood. People might think they don’t deserve such difficulties. However, as a soul you choose your family before coming to earth, as well as your lessons, and the life you live.

You Are Perfect as You Are

you are perfect the way you areAmy suggests you keep in mind that everyone is already perfect. There is no soul that is not perfect just as it is right now. There is nothing wrong with you. The problems are simply for the purpose of learning.

Unfortunately, sometimes the voice in your head gets in your way. This is your ego, which is there to protect you.

How does the ego do this? With the programs you acquired from past lives, media, family, and more.  Again, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and this is part of it.

A Mani-Pedi Gone Wrong

Here’s an example. Amy went to get a mani-pedi. She walked in and realized immediately it was pure chaos in there. She wanted to pamper herself and they didn’t even know where the gel colors vs. the regular colors were located.

Needless to say, she didn’t have a great experience. She said, “I have two choices. I can be upset and angry that I didn’t get my money’s worth, or let it go.”

How she perceived the situation was also a choice. Amy explained how the outer world is a reflection of her inner world.

She consciously chose to lift her thoughts and vibe, and send the people at the nail salon loving energy, instead of complaining and feeling angry.

Sounds like a wise choice to me. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, Amy has shown a high level, spiritual ability to work through this disappointment with grace.

Akashic Records and Soul Realignment

We are spiritual beings having a human experienceThe Akashic Records reside in an energetic library encompassing everything you have ever done, thought, or said throughout all of your lifetimes. Whew, that’s a lot of records! Maybe you’ve lived 30, 50 or 100 lifetimes or more and you’ve been incurring karmic debt based on your decisions and actions.

Since there’s no sense of time in the Akashic Records, you are often still reliving those debts and making the same mistakes. As an Akashic Records Practitioner, Amy goes into the Records to see who you are at the soul level and to help you clear anything that is no longer needed or in the way.

We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Amy Gray-CunninghamAt a soul level you know who you are, and if you live from that place, everything comes to you. That’s how the Universe and the Law of Attraction works.

She has clients come to the session with an intention. Then, Amy helps people clear patterns and come up with action steps to live more in alignment with their intention.

Now Amy is offering packages because a one-time reading won’t really help you make the changes you want to make to get what you want from life. She offers one-on-one work as well as group work.

An Example of Amy’s Work

I asked about a client success story. Amy told me about a client who had retired and set a goal for their work together. Then she took a detour with a part time job. Things escalated and it became full time, which the client complained was keeping her from her goal.

However, she didn’t do anything about this conflict until she fell, broke one wrist, and sprained the other. Now she couldn’t work and had to slow down.

Turns out they discovered this was linked to an issue with self-worth. They worked on this together, then the client quit her job, and is now on the path to what she really wants.

In the Akashic Records, you get the super high level perspective, your soul’s purpose and the paths that will get you there. Through this work, you can see the best path for your highest good, and then choose it.

Conversations with Her Husband Chuck

Even though her husband, Chuck, passed away a year ago, they are still communicating. Losing her husband was one of the hardest things Amy ever went through.

She still misses his physical presence and sometimes still grieves. Yet, Chuck says if she can let go of how their relationship used to be, they could have an even better one now.

He also sent her flowers on her birthday through her friend Christine. For an unknown reason, Christine said she felt compelled to send flowers. This was Chuck in action, inspiring her. He even managed to communicate what flowers to include in the arrangement. Christine followed the details without knowing why.

How can such a thing happen? Amy says we walk in both worlds. Yes, we live on earth, but we visit heaven every night in our sleep. She claims Chuck chats with her daily while she drinks her morning tea. Then he often plays golf in heaven!

What a lovely idea isn’t it? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We remain connected to spirit and our soul.


BIO – Amy Gray-Cunningham

Akashic Records practitionerAmy Gray-Cunningham is an intuitive healer and an Akashic Records Practitioner. Her mission is to help people fulfill their soul’s purpose. She believes we are the creators of our own experiences. Therefore, we manifest the life we desire.

Back on July 6, 2011, she donated a kidney to a stranger after hearing a “Voice” tell her she would be the one to donate to him. They were a 1-in-20 million match and should’ve been siblings.

Since that time, her spiritual life has grown. She wrote a book about her spiritual journey through the kidney donation process called Daring to Believe. She has also started a podcast, Butterfly Kisses-A Journey through Spiritual Transformation.

Amy believes that life is a continuous journey of transformation and healing. We create and manifest our life based on the choices we make. It’s all about experiencing our divinity through our humanity. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and everyone has a story to tell; that’s the beauty of being in this wonder-filled world.

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