Valentine’s Day 2021 Special

Love Reading With Cards & Spirit
by Ronnie

(also known as Oceanna Fortuna)

            Flower Therapy Deck                                Elemental Wisdom Deck

Curious about what is going on with your love life? What might be coming your way or blocking you from love? What actions are most likely to help you find love?

Maybe you want to know what could possibly speed up the process. Or if you are seeing someone, you might want clarity about a situation you’re in right now.

If you are looking for guidance from the cosmos about love, career, money, etc., one of my card readings will provide the insights you seek.

You can choose one of two decks I use – Doreen Virtue’s beautiful Flower Therapy deck or my own deck Elemental Wisdom for the card reading portion.

Then, if desired, I will also talk with your spirit guides or angels, and/or access past lives and the Akashic Records for you. These readings are positive, compassionate, insightful, inspiring, actionable, and fun!

Enjoy Your Reading by Phone or Zoom

If you want to speak by phone or zoom for a 30-minute live reading with me, then take advantage of this Valentine’s Day Special – regularly $75. Now, just $47!

We’ll schedule a time for the reading by email after your purchase is complete.

“Working with Ronnie as a cosmic coach, it resonated with me more than just a regular conversation about dating. She tapped into the vibration so quickly and was so on point in the messaging – it was amazing. She confirmed to me what I was feeling that I wasn’t always able to articulate on my own.”
–Alicia, Maryland


“I wanted to do something for myself for a change and decided to try Ronnie’s Cosmic Coaching. The messages were just what I needed! Spirit let me know I have a lot to offer and I don’t always see all I bring to others. How good to hear I am more valuable than I realize. Hearing from spirit that I need to feel confident and share my gifts was super fun and so reaffirming. Thank you Ronnie!”                             –Dee, Washington


Information and knowledge are power and learning about yourself and the direction you need to go in is an empowering experience. Book your reading today!

“After my 30-minute reading with Ronnie, I felt so much more confident about what the next six months has in store for me. She answered questions about my business and gave me great insight into what will be unfolding in the near future. If you’re searching for answers on your love life, career, or a variety of areas, a reading with Ronnie will tell you what you need to know.” 
                                                                  –Kristina, Colorado