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If you’re seeking a Transformation Coach & Intuitive Healer, who also does Reiki & Past Lives, listen to this interview with Melissa Oatman in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

Transformation Coach & Past Lives

Melissa OatmanThe first thing we talked about was past lives. I asked Melissa how she got into doing this work. It all started back in high school, when she began questioning traditional religion. That started her reading books on mediumship which also touched on past lives.

Then in her 40s, she had her main spiritual awakening and while seeking answers she found a spiritual teacher she really liked. Melissa had a session with this woman who had bee trained by Dr. Brian Weiss.

It wasn’t deep hypnosis; she was awake the whole time. Melissa saw a life where she died young because she didn’t ask for help and was trying to do everything herself.

There were several themes paralleling her life today including not speaking her truth, not standing up for herself, and not asking for help. So, having these sessions helped her to be certain this is REAL and affecting my life today. Whoa – that was really life changing.

These sessions lead her to the healing work she does now. It’s funny but at a metaphysical fair in her 30s, she was told she’d be doing this kind of work, but she thought the whole idea was ridiculous at the time!

But now, here she is, working as a transformation coach, doing past life work, intuitive healing, and more. Melissa will help you see a series of past lives during one of her sessions, if that’s what you want to work on.

Learning about Self-Love

Melissa has also come upon soul contracts and helped people with these situations, especially as they pertain to life today. Many times, family members and friends were also with you in the past and you come together to work on learning things together.

I was curious how often it comes up that people need to love themselves more. Melissa says it comes up in almost every session. She feels she attracts people who have this issue because she has worked on self-love herself.

Her book Beautifully Broken, addresses how this theme of self-love has tracked through her life, in her marriage that ended  and with others as well. That’s one reason why the theme of self-love is usually present in a session, since people with this lesson are her ideal clients.

This made a lot of sense to me – the idea that we attract clients to share our own learning with. I have a self-love program called Time to Shine. Melissa also has a 10 day course on improving self-love. This was created as  a way to kickstart the self-love healing.

She tailors sessions to each client, connecting with their energy and spirit guides before getting into the intuitive healing. She also creates personalized meditations for clients.

Forgiveness Is Transformative

breathe love and magic podcastWhat has been most helpful for your clients? As an intuitive healer and transformation coach, Melissa responded right away with forgiveness work. Not only forgiveness for others, but more importantly for themselves.

When you beat yourself up and don’t forgive yourself, it can become a stuck emotion that causes problems and discomfort.

That’s a hidden benefit of past life work in my opinion. Looking at relationships with people from past lives allows you some distance and that 100-foot view to see the bigger picture. That can make forgiveness a lot easier. You can also find more compassion for the people who might have done you wrong and for yourself as well.

Intuitive Healer Points Out Life Lessons

Melissa OatmanWe come to earth to learn lessons and have agreements with other souls to accomplish this. So, when you take a step back and look at the lesson of situations, you can start to look at the facts and gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

As you explore past lives, you are more conscious of what you are working on now. It doesn’t allow you to skip the process, but you may have a better understanding of why things are happening.

Ready to learn about your past lives?

People often have to go through their life lessons more than once. However, you might find you get through it faster the next time, you understand more quickly, or you can stay calmer during the process.

I asked Melissa to share one of her an amazing healing stories. One that came to mind, was about a client who started out very negative and down on herself. She didn’t feel she deserved much from life.

Over time, Melissa noticed a lot of growth and progress with this woman. To see the change in someone as the weeks passed was so exciting and very rewarding for her.

I also love the “ah-ha” moment with clients and for myself too. That’s when a shift is about to happen.

Sometimes we hold onto things that just don’t mean anything when you really take time to examine everything. Then, when you let go, it’s really amazing.

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Melissa’s Upcoming Book

Next, I asked Melissa where she’s going now and what she’s working on. She said the spirit has been nudging her to write about her mom’s passing in January 2022, and she started writing about the grief journey and walking with her mother in the cancer journey.

She hopes to be healing herself and offering healing to the reader as well by sharing her experience.

To wrap up, I asked Transformation Coach, Melissa, if she had any other message or wisdom to share. She replied, “Don’t be afraid to be authentic, speak your truth, and stand up for yourself.”

In today’s society, so many people don’t have your best interest at heart or the best intentions for you. That’s why it’s important to always honor yourself, stand your ground, and maintain healthy boundaries. Let people know how you want to be treated.

Love Yourself Flaws and All

love yourselfLove who you are right now no matter where you are because this is a journey and in six months you’ll be in a different place. Love who you are faults and all.  You’ll be able to look back and see how much you have grown.

Remember who you are and appreciate yourself, your gifts, and what you have to offer the world. That is the way to see all the good you do. You impact all the people around you, even if you don’t realize that impact. And a lot of it is positive. That ripple will come back to you. Kindness is never wasted.

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BIO – Melissa Oatman

Intuitive healer

Melissa Oatman is from Collinsville, Illinois.  In addition to teaching German, Melissa is a healer, channeler, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. She humbly hosts the wildly successful podcast which is in the top 1% of all podcasts, Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness, a weekly program dedicated to improving lives and deepening spirituality.

Melissa is the author of Beautifully Broken, the spiritual woman’s guide to thriving after a divorce or break up.  A single mother of twins, she’s passionate about travel, education, and family.

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