Top 10 Personality Traits – If He’s Got Them, Never Let Him Go

What personality traits and qualities do you look for in a man? Check out these top 10 characteristics and if your man has them, hold on tight!

personality traitsCharacteristics of a Quality Man

There are some things about a good man that all women want. And a few become more desirable with age as we grow wiser and learn from our relationship mistakes. Most of these qualities are basic and might not surprise you. But, this list is a good reminder of the most important aspects to look for in the men you meet if you are dating to find lasting love.

1. He’s Loyal

Whether you require loyalty, faithfulness, or monogamy, the theme here is the same. Like all women, you want a man you can trust and one who is not likely to cheat. You might also prefer a man whose loyal extends to his employer, family and friends as well. Men’s Health Magazine conducted a survey of 1,000 American women and this was their #1 requirement for a good partner.

2. He’s Got a Sense of Humor

Almost all women want a man who can make them laugh. The ability to take what life gives you with a sense of humor can be a game changer. Everyone goes through ups and downs, so if your man can easily bring a smile to your face, that is a major plus. levity lightens the load for sure.

3. He’s Confident

If your man is comfortable in his own skin and knows he can make things happen, that confidence is highly appealing. One of the most valued personality traits, it feels so good to be with someone who doesn’t spin their wheels doubting what is possible. When your man feels good about himself, he’s more positive, presents himself well with new people and is likely more accepting of others versus critical.

4. He’s Smart

Having a high IQ and strong intelligence makes a difference to most single gals looking for a life partner. You figure a smart man will be a better earner, has more opportunities and will be better able to keep up with you! In case you’re hoping to start a family, you’re also looking for good genes.

5. He’s Kind

Is your man a nice guy? As far as personality traits go, kindness stands out for the majority of women. How can you tell if a man is nice right away? Watch how he treats the waitstaff in a restaurant. You can also gauge a man’s kindness on how he interacts with animals, children and the elderly.  A man who has a caring nature will make life together far more enjoyable.

6. He’s Generous

There are many types of generosity women look for as the sign of a good man. This is not only about his spending habits, but also how willing he is to share his time and heart with you. A guy with a generous spirit gives of himself freely and willingly helps you and others when asked. And this brings out your own generosity as well.

7. He’s Reliable

Many women mention how much a man’s reliability means to them. Someone you can count on. His word is gold and he follows through on his promises. This personality trait builds trust between two people because you know what you are getting into with him. What you see is what you get – if he says he’ll do something, he does.

8. He Has Similar Values

This isn’t exactly about personality traits, but it is part of his character that matters deeply. When you share the same values about life and relationships, you can usually understand and respect each other. Having the same basic moral integrity enhances the bond because there won’t likely be any big shockers regarding how he looks at the world.

9. He’s Supportive

A man who is supportive has a lot to offer as a life partner. When you are seeking lasting love, a supportive man stands out. He’ll listen to what you have to say, offer emotional support and have your back. Personality traits like this one relate to others as well such as reliability.

10. He’s Flexible

Flexibility can make your relationship so much easier. Everything doesn’t happen as we plan, so a man’s ability to roll with what is happening is essential. You know he can compromise if needed when the two of you have different needs or opinions on something. Both people need to bend in order to maintain respect for each other during arguments.

Important Personality Traits in a Man

That’s the list of the top 10 personality traits women seek in a quality man. If you’re seeing someone currently, how did he stack up? I hope he did well!

If you are looking for love with the right man, print out this list and keep it handy. As you meet a new guy see how he measures up. Keep these personality traits in mind as you continue dating.

If a man starts to come up short on more than two or more of these qualities, take note. It might be time to re-evaluate his true potential as a life partner. Breaking up after a few weeks is so much easier than after months…or years.

Don’t wobble or settle when it comes to these most basic character requirements. If you aren’t seeing this qualities in the man you are dating move on now. You deserve to be with a really good man, so your relationship can grow and blossom in a lasting and healthy love.

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  1. I think if you find one man in a hundred with all of those traits you would be extremely lucky. But if you did then yes, keep hold of him for life.


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