Dating Over 40: Too Chicken for the Bachelor Auction

Last Thursday night I sponsored of the CT Special Olympics Bachelor Auction.  It’s a great cause and I figured it would attract some great women.  There were two men who I approached to be bachelors – the woman running the auction told me it wasn’t easy to find fellows willing to be auctioned off.  You might wonder why. Here’s some of it.

Bill is 51.  A good looking guy, intelligent, active and in shape.  He declined my offer to participate. Curious, I questioned him – "why not?"  He didn’t have much to say at first.  So I called him a chicken – what else could it be right?
                – He could be afraid no one would bid on him
                – He might be embarrassed in front of the crowd
                – He didn’t want to appear desperate allowing himself to be auctioned 

Nope.  He was worried a fuddy-duddy woman 15 years older than him would win the bid!

Well guess what Bill, you were wrong wrong WRONG!

The women there were very good looking.  Honestly, I was astonished. I figured he could be right and the women might be older and fuddy duddies – after all that’s who we envisioned would willing to pay – for this good cause.

We were so off the mark!  The women were younger – 30’s and 40’s for the most part.  And the few women who were older were also very attractive too.  All were dressed well and good looking, and ready to "buy a guy."  Some were in dating mode – many were recently divorced or in process and wanting to try getting back out there in a safe, chick-in-charge way. Not much rejection when you buy his time.

On the other hand, the women were complaining about the men for auction.  Why? Most of the guys with the cajones to step up were in their 20’s.  Seems the 30/40 something men are a lot like Bill – bawk bawk bawk bawk – that’s the sound of roosters in the barn yard (hen’s cluck.)

Bill, you missed out – big time.  For any men reading this post – I highly recommend the bachelor auction as a way of meeting single women. The auction itself is a very fun night out and then the actual date will probably be enjoyable too.  It takes a certain kind of adventurous woman to participate in this sort of thing. Most of the men who put together creative date packages are supplemented with dinner gift certificates – so they don’t even have to put much of their own money out – just time.

Fellas, next time someone asks you to auction yourself off for a good cause guys, don’t think twice — just do it!



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