Time to Shine Gift – Dr. D 90 Day launch

Time to Shine

The 31-Day Program to Build
Self-Love & Confidence


Do You Have the Confidence You Need to
Attract the Man You Want?

Is your confidence as solid as a sought-after woman who men notice often? Do you have what it takes to attract lasting love with a quality man – the kind of man you’ve dreamed about for years?

Maybe you worry about the other women on the dating sites or apps. You feel like everyone else is younger, thinner, prettier or somehow more appealing to men. Your confidence is not as good as it once was.

Do You Feel Lovable?

In order to find love, you need to feel worthy and lovable. If you’ve had disappointments in your love life or suffered from heartbreak, sometimes feeling lovable isn’t so easy.  Women frequently think there must be something wrong with them. This breaks my heart as a love and dating coach for women.

If thoughts like these flit through your mind, you are not alone. This is what women do – we BLAME ourselves. We insist it’s our fault, even when it’s not true.

Attracting a quality man for a lasting, loving relationship is based on your ability to love yourself first. Feeling confident that you’re a great catch and completely worthy, dramatically impacts the kind of men you meet. This 31-day program will help you bring out your best and allow you to shine.

What Would It Be Like If You Loved,
Appreciated And Encouraged Yourself?

What if you could learn to speak kindly to yourself among all the inner chatter going on inside your mind? Discover how to turn these feelings around by being more supportive of yourself. If you believed in yourself more, what would your search for love with the right man be like from this place of confidence?

Now imagine this could be easy and take just minutes a day? With this empowering 31-Day Program, Time to Shine will help you build the self-love and confidence you need. These carefully crafted exercises and  inspiration will help you can become far more loving and nurturing of yourself. And quality men find a confident woman like this very attractive!

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