The Magic of Spoon Bending, Intuition, & More

Have you tried spoon bending with your mind? In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, my guest JacQuaeline talks about psychokinesis and teaching people how to bend metal, develop your intuition, and more.

Training Members of the CIA

JacQuaelineJacQuaeline specializes in human potential and intuitive, creative mind skills. She’s worked with sheriffs, police and trained members of the CIA/Secret Service. This woman has skills!

She met this particular CIA special agent at one of her classes, they got to talking, one thing led to another and that’s how things go. He had family members with psychic ability and wanted to learn more himself.

Jack Houck and PK Parties

JacQuaeline also met Jack Houck at a Whole Life Expo in the lunch room. Jack worked in the space program at Boeing and was very interested in what she was teaching about intuition. He then started the Psychokinesis (PK) Parties where they documented thousands of people who learned to bend metal in just a few hours.

Jack received world-wide recognition by winning the Dinsdale Award. Scientists from around the world vote on one project that moved science forward the most in a two-year period. Houck won for his work with psychokinesis and remote viewing.

It’s always amazing when science and metaphysics converge, proving that a lot of what is considered to be “woo woo,” is actually based in scientific reality!

Get these easy tips to develop your intuition.

The Shift to Coaching

After teaching spoon bending, JacQuaeline realized people needed to learn how to apply this kind of mastery to their every day life. She quoted Marianne Williamson who said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

If you can bend metal, what else is possible? The power of the mind has greater value than doing parlor tricks. What about creating more of what you want in life? This is exactly why JacQuaeline went into coaching. To help people learn how to apply these skills to their life.

She teaches a 3-month program called Intuition Power, where people learn to transform themselves and their lives. They use all five senses, plus their sixth! People learn how to get back to pretending which is the key to success with these skills, as well as how to turn it on and off which is vital.

Thinking about starting your own spiritual journey?

Building Awareness

JacQuaelineWhen you build your awareness, you’ll be able to draw the answers you need to solve problems more quickly. Your awareness becomes magnetic. For example, a book jumps off the shelf with an answer. Or, you’re driving and see a billboard with an answer or a song comes on the radio providing the guidance you seek.

Meditation is key, but you don’t need to meditate for hours. In fact, JacQuaeline recommends just 15-minutes. This way you can go into meditation with purpose. The silence is key for learning to let go and then draws what you need to you.

Consulting Vs. Coaching

The art of coaching is to hold the space for your client to figure things out on their own. I admit that I’m often more of a consultant, sharing suggestions and answers.

The reason is because for myself, I try to figure things out on my own. However, when I’m really struggling, I just want someone to help me with the answers. That doesn’t mean I won’t take responsibility for myself because I sure do.

With the consulting angle, I look at the information from a place of what is for the highest good of my client. What will most help them walk closest to their divine path.

JacQuaeline liked this balance between coaching vs. consulting. Thanks! She applauded me for this way of working with people. I certainly can’t teach spoon bending, which is out of my league!

Swimming Upstream

intuition trainingRight now, JacQuaeline says she is working on going upstream. This surprised me as it seems a bit counter-intuitive.

She said first you learn to go with the flow, flowing down stream. But at some point, you have to go upstream to get back to the source. This takes some work. I bet it does!

This may require going back through your history, doing some clearing work, and integrating your heart with acceptance and forgiveness. JacQuaeline explains how this allows you to be a better person and live a better life.

She was on a hiatus for several years and now she’s coming back and ready to reach a lot more people who are seriously ready to transform their lives. She’s also still offering the PK Parties for spoon bending.

Gratitude can help you make this shift to return to source. JacQuaeline suggested that every time you eat or drink something, shift into gratitude mode. Think about what it took for you to be able to drink that glass of water or eat a carrot. How many thousands of people had a hand it getting it to you?

This is also a wonderful mindfulness practice; to marvel over how things work and feel gratitude about it all.

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The Plant Experiment

spoon bendingJacQuaeline gives out this great exercise that demonstrates what your energy can do. Get two small plants, measure them, and take a picture of them. Then rub your hands together to build up energy and put your palms close to one of the plants. You are sending energy for a minute or two to the plant.

Then in two weeks, measure the plants again and compare to the original pictures. The impact is dramatic. The one that received your energy and love will be bigger, bushier, and healthier. This is a way to visually see the power you contain.

Science has proved recently that plants and trees are sentient beings. I read about this in Smithsonian Magazine, how they documented communication between trees miles apart.

We are a part of everything and everything is connected. As you develop your telepathy and sensitivity, you will be able to receive guidance from so many other sources.

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BIO – JacQuaeline

readings with JacQuaelineJacQuaeline specializes in human potential and her expertise covers a wide range of business practices and intuitive, creative mind skills. She works as an executive business coach, professional clairvoyant, having worked with a think tank, sheriffs and police and even trained a CIA Secret Service.

Tagged as America’s foremost intuition skills trainer, JacQuaeline helps clients quickly identify solutions and strategies that transform hard work or stagnation into rapid, measurable success. She’s been quoted by the LA Times, highlighted by major magazines, television, and radio, and had her own LA radio show for eight years.


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