The Magic of Cardology, Intuition, & The Camino With Laura Haehl

Have you heard about Cardology or the Cardology birthday chart? In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, my guest Laura Haehl tells us all about Cardology.

The Cardology Chart

cardology chart with Laura haehlLaura explains in detail where this type of card reading came from which uses a regular deck of cards. It’s super old – ancient like Atlantis supposedly. There are different types of readings possible, creating a Cardology chart and she divulges how she puts this mystical method to work to help clients learn about themselves.

With the Cardology birthday chart you get insights into your own life, including your strengths and life lessons. Cardology compatibility offers a way to delve into your relationships as well, from a wider viewpoint regarding the lessons you are working on with a partner.

Plus, the method relies on astrology and numerology, as Laura discussed cards that relate to Jupiter, Mercury, and even Saturn. The planets give you details on your life lessons, as do the numbers.

How Laura Developed Her Intuition

We also covered a lot about her work using intuition and the course she is teaching this year. The part that totally captured my attention was how she talked about the beach and intuition.

Being such a beach girl, I couldn’t wait to hear more and she explains how this puts you in a loving energy which is connected to the ocean and sea of consciousness.

Here’s another podcast about intuition.

Walking The Camino in Spain

cardology compatibility - will this be a good relationshipLast but not least, Laura told her story of walking The Camino, a spiritual path that attracts pilgrims from around the world. In fact, she’s taking a group in September 2022, so listen in if this is something you’ve been thinking about. She says The Camino calls to you and then you know it’s time to walk.

Shirley MacLaine wrote a book about walking The Camino, a spiritual journey filled with challenges and personal revelations. And Laura told me there’s a movie called The Way with Martin Sheen that is really good on this topic.

For her trip, Laura and her partner Candy, are taking a group providing an easier way that doesn’t require camping or much hardship beyond walking the 15 miles daily.

She says having reduced your decisions to just what to wear and what to eat (vs the 35,000 daily decisions we make!), completely frees up your mind to let your intuition blossom. The duo will give participants fun and helpful exercises to further facilitate your intuitive development.

What I really enjoyed about our conversation is how down-to-earth and practical Laura is, which I totally relate to. And it turns out we are Cardology Chart card sisters since we share the same number. She revealed this after the recording ended!

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Laura Haehl and cardology chartsLaura Haehl is an intuitive guide, yoga instructor, Reiki master and hypnosis practitioner. She loves to help people access and trust their intuition, specifically by learning to make intuitive decisions. No more pro and con lists. No more looking at all the possibilities.

Instead, Laura wants to help you learn to access your own inner guru so you can feel confident taking your next steps. She also has a passion for Cardology (the astrology and numerology of the playing cards).

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