“Your book Manifesting Mr. Right changed my life. I read it last August after a breakup from a short relationship. I wanted to give up until I read your book. I went on a trip for my 50th birthday (Sept 2020) and decided when I returned I would try again. I got on Bumble and … Read more


I’m in a Committed Relationship! Before Ronnie’s coaching, online dating was a mystery to me. But with her coaching (and the profile she wrote) I learned how to approach this whole thing differently which changed everything. She helped me reframe the idea of meeting new men which made it a heck of a lot easier … Read more


Just Got Engaged! “Coaching with Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things all wrong! Once I put her methods and advice to work, the difference was amazing. What I learned was invaluable. Her insights, especially around femininity and letting the guy lead, are profound. It’s also really fun. I met the most wonderful man … Read more


Dating My Dream Man Ronnie, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible guidance because I’m now dating my dream man! I found him and he found me – it’s so magical. With your help I saw how I often went down the wrong path with my approach to dating. Now I know how to … Read more


Here’s My Wedding Photo “Thought I’d share a wedding photo with you – all of your great advice sure is a good part of why I found and MARRIED the right guy for me!  I still read, recommend and follow your monthly advice – even more important when married I think!”


Head Over Heels Ronnie, I met Jack with my first try at online dating two years ago. Just this Christmas, we became a committed couple by becoming engaged! We are both “head over heels!” Many thanks for all your great advice from your books and during group sessions where you shared your sage advice – … Read more


Ronnie Changed My Life! “Working with Ronnie changed my life. She helped me understand the dating strategies that work. Her methods helped me feel confident and shift my mindset to be more realistic about what to expect and handle rejection more easily. I dumped my baggage which was limiting me and keeping me from finding … Read more


My Self Doubt Melted Away – Now I’m Married! At first I wondered if I could really find love using Ronnie’s method, but as the weeks went by I started noticing single men everywhere. Even better I made sure I talked to as many as I could. I actually gave myself a goal of talking … Read more


Dating My Ideal Man “Before working with Ronnie, I hated online dating and honestly I went kicking and screaming. I told her I couldn’t do it and was going to shut it all down. Ronnie talked me through this during my private coaching session and later that same day I met the most incredible man. … Read more


Stopped Being Afraid and Found Love “Ronnie, thank you so much for your compassionate dating coaching which helped me start dating again after years. With your help, I changed my approach completely, learned how to use online dating to my advantage, set boundaries and flirt using my feminine charm.  That made a huge difference. Your suggestions … Read more


With Ronnie’s Help, It’s Now Raining Men! I sometimes have 3-5 dates in a week and am having the time of my life. Ronnie will show you how to make online dating work for you like you never dreamed was possible before. Here’s the secret: Just follow the plan. The things Ronnie suggests aren’t hard. … Read more


Before Working With Ronnie, I Was Clueless Dating in your 40’s is very different from your 20’s.  I dipped my toe into what felt like shark-infested online dating waters and quickly withdrew after a few wacky encounters.  I read lots of books, but I didn’t know who to trust.  And don’t get me started on … Read more


Engaged at 63! I decided to work with Ronnie after a terrible, heartbreaking experience with online dating. I had serious issues trusting men after dealing with scammers. She wrote my profile and I met a LOT of men. After dating 15 men, #16 stuck! James and I are coming up on 11 months and are … Read more


Feel More in Control and Optimistic “I’ve been dating a wonderful man for 3 months now and wanted to thank you for all your help! I learned so much, particularly how to avoid dating disasters. With your insightful guidance, I feel so much more in control and equipped to navigate the dating waters. It’s been … Read more


Couldn’t Be Happier “Once I decided to work with Ronnie, she gently held me accountable to follow through on my goals in a compassionate way. This encouraged me to keep promises to myself which in the past I might have wiggled out of. So, when it came time to go to the singles dance, I … Read more


Found My Match “Deciding to work with Ronnie has made all the difference – to really focus on my desire for love rather than filling my life with other things. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy all my activities. But previously I pushed my desire for love out of my mind because I didn’t … Read more


Finally Meeting Great Men “If I hadn’t decided to work with Ronnie, I’d still be thinking about dating but not doing anything. With Ronnie’s coaching, I feel stronger now, more encouraged and have a lot more clarity about the dating process and what to do.  And, I’m meeting men!“


Found a Gem “With your support, I’ve turned over a lot of rough stones, but now I’ve found a gem of a guy! Thanks so much Ronnie for helping me with the sifting process and making it so much easier to understand.“


I’m Dating Again! “The good news is – I’m dating again in my 50s! And, I’m happy to give most of the credit to you. Your insights, encouragement and tips have been incredibly helpful.”


Went from Lost All Hope to Dating “Before working with Ronnie, I had didn’t have a good attitude – I had lost all hope. But after my first four coaching sessions, things really started to change. Not only did the quantity of dates increase but the quality of the men improved too! All of a … Read more