Find Love: I Need to Know – Why Doesn’t He Want Me?

Single and need to know why he didn’t ask you out again? This is such a common dating problem single women face every day. This letter from a reader really expresses the pain women go through trying to figure out what happened. Let me share a simpler solution. Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach for Women, … Read more

Why Didn’t He Call? The Best Way to Handle Rejection

Hi Ronnie, Why didn’t he call?  I just have to know. I met a guy through a dating site. We exchanged emails and he spoke to me. We met the same evening we spoke for coffee and chatted for 2 hours. It was obvious that he was interested in me. At the end of the … Read more

Don’t Call Him: It’s Been 3 Days – Should I Call Him?

Single women – please don’t call him!  I know it’s not easy to wait and wonder, especially when you think it’s so easy to just pick up the phone and reach out to that new guy. Read on to find out why this essential dating advice is completely in your best interest. Should I Call … Read more

What Happens When You Know It All?

The Age-Old Question Continues – Why Didn’t He Call? Today I had a possible new client call me. Sandy is 32 and very well versed in today’s top dating books and self help gurus. Mention a book title or hot program to her  – Sandy knows all about it. I applaud her well-researched and in-depth … Read more

Dating After Divorce: A 10-Hour Date, Then Nothing?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, Recently, I met a guy at a singles event.  We danced all night.  He got my number and called me, then asked me out for a day-long outing and dinner at our singles club.  Great emails leading up to the day.  We had a 10-hour date that was incredible. Laughing, talking,  kissing – … Read more

Dating Over 40: Understanding Midlife Men and Fix Your Broken Picker

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Dating Over 40: Why He Didn’t Call Back – What Rachel Learned from 1000 Men

Admittedly, I haven’t read the book yet – but I saw the TV show!  She was interviewed and  I watched the clip. In fairness, I guess her book will be added to my list. As a dating coach for women over 40, I was quite surprised to hear what she had to say. What do you think … Read more