Find Love Again: Flirt Up a Storm During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Has Arrived So It’s Time to Flirt Up a Storm! If you live on the East Coast – then you know its absolutely crazy out there! The wind is blowing, the tides are abnormally high and everything is closed. Well, not EVERYTHING. The Internet is still open and running while we still have … Read more

Online Dating: Can I Contact Men on Match or Is that HIS Territory?

Dear Ronnie, I’m 45, divorce three years and ready to start meeting men!  I decided to try the online dating thing and have  question. When on a dating site, such as, what is the etiquette about contacting men?  Should I just wait for men to connect with me, either through a wink or an … Read more

Dating After Divorce: I’ll Let the Personality Test Dating Sites Weed Out the Men for Me

I was talking to a woman the other day, tall, pretty, blonde, smart, 38. I asked Teddie if she is single and what steps she is taking to find love. Teddie  explained how she’s online with eHarmony. My heart sank for her. I explained why eH has so few men – because most men don’t … Read more