My Date Ran Hot and Cold – What Can I Do to Keep It Hot?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, What can I do about confusion over how my 2nd date ended? This weekend I had dates #1 and #2 (Friday and Saturday nights) with a guy I met online who traveled several hours to my city to meet after talking on the phone and e-mailing for a while. … Read more

What Happens When You Know It All?

The Age-Old Question Continues – Why Didn’t He Call? Today I had a possible new client call me. Sandy is 32 and very well versed in today’s top dating books and self help gurus. Mention a book title or hot program to her  – Sandy knows all about it. I applaud her well-researched and in-depth … Read more

When Should a Woman Step Up to Plan a Date?

Hey Ronnie, As far as how long to let the men lead goes….I’ve been doing that with several men lately, but I’ve had a couple guys actually get snippy with me and say things like ” I thought you weren’t interested” even though I’ve Indicated that I’ve had a great time with them, I’ve been … Read more

His Hormones Make Him Withdraw?

Has this happened to you? You meet a guy and the attraction is undeniable. He seems very into you. He calls you and wants to see you. You’re having a really good time with him. But, then, he withdraws and becomes scarce. This can take several forms. Maybe he: Takes several days to contact you … Read more

First Date Flops – Keep Your Eating Habits to Yourself

Are you a picky eater? Maybe you have some dietary restrictions for health reasons. You might be allergic to dairy, wheat or nuts. Or you carefully watch your weight, so are very selective about food. None of this is really a problem… until you make it one. Last week several dating coaching clients who are … Read more