April 4 – Dating Teleclass – It’s Not You, It’s Him!

Discover How to Recognize the Unavailable Man Do you date men who: Disappear Don’t follow through Don’t call when they say they will Text but don’t ask you out Wait weeks between contact? Do you spend hour after hour wondering what you did wrong that pushed him away? Talking to your girlfriends trying to figure … Read more

Dating After Divorce: The Unavailable Man Otherwise Called the “UM Syndrome”

Have you met a great guy who is  not yet divorced, but seems like he’s perfect for you? This happens  with surprising frequency among my over 40 dating coaching clients. Truth is anyone can fall victim to the “UM Syndrome – Unavailable Man. I too have been down this path in my younger days. Thinking … Read more

Is it a Bad Sign When You Flirt with a Man in Seminary Training?

True story. One of my clients, Katie, sent me an email about meeting a great guy – who turns out to be studying to be a priest! OK, When I read the email I laughed out loud.. But it does make you pause and think about things doesn’t it? She was worried this was a sign that … Read more