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What Will Make You Happier This Thanksgiving?

Curious what will make you happier this holiday season? With Thanksgiving right around he corner, here are a few simple, yet empowering ideas you’ll love.

what will make you happierHow to Feel Happier During the Holidays

Below are five simple ideas to try to boost your mood during he holiday season. it all starts this week as you know. Choose one tip or try them all. But promise me you’ll do at least one. When it comes to what will make you happier, there are more options than I could ever fit into this one blog.

1.Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself and your life to others is a surefire way to feel bad about yourself. No two people are alike and every one has some sort of problems. Even though the grass always looks greener, it’s probably not true. That’s just human nature.

So, if you catch yourself wondering why your sister, neighbor or colleague’s life seems so much better than yours, bring your attention back to you. Think about what is going well in your life. We tend to ignore the good and focus on what’s missing. What will make you happier is to keep your eyes in your own backyard.

2. Volunteer and Serve

If you wish your situation was different, maybe more fun, friends, money whatever, it’s time to think of those who are less fortunate than you. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, work at a pet shelter, or offer to help at your church.  Find something that suits you and then do it. When you help others, you take the focus off yourself and open your heart to give. Expanding your heart center is always good. 🙂

3. Let Go and Give

If you’ve got time on your hands during the holidays, put it to good use. Go through your closet looking for items you no longer wear to donate. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, that is a clue you should donate it. You might also have apparel or accessories that no longer fit or are out of style. Look through your coats too – its getting cold out there. Clearing clutter feels fabulous and opens the door for new things to come into your life!

You can also make room for a new man energetically by using Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui is an ancient Asian practice that promotes a healthy energy flow where you live and work. The idea is simple really – if you have two night tables, make sure one is empty with room for your man’s items. Make room in your medicine cabinet and also a little space in your closet. This is how you make room in your life for a new man energetically!

4. Give Thanks for People in Your Life Now

There are people in your life right now who make a difference in your life. Maybe a sibling or other family members, your children or neighbors. Think about your good friends, the ones you can count on. People who are part of your faith community. Colleagues who have your back. Others who have helped you in some way or simply put a smile on y our face.

Share your love and appreciation with these folks because they do not get enough acknowledgement. Let them know how much they matter. It might even be the teller at your bank or the person at the corner store where you get gas or coffee who always greets you with a smile. Let them know they brighten your day. Spread love and you will feel happier and uplifted.

5. Count Your Blessings

No matter what is missing in your life or not working, there are always things that are going right. But part of human nature is not to notice what is working. We tend to focus on lack and what’s going wrong. Time to shake things up!

Making a mental list is not really enough. Take out a sheet of paper or use your note function on your phone and make a LIST. This way you have a physical record you can refer back to when you go off the  rails and forget about all the things you can be grateful for. Don’t forget how you can afford lights and heat, a good meal, a warm coat, sunshine and more. The little things add up!

Thinking about what will make you happier, why not make a list of those things too? it might be to laugh at something every day, smile more, get out into the sunshine, walk in nature, a good cup of coffee, a piece of dark chocolate, a glass of wine, snuggling with your pet, or watching a funny movie. Don’t just create the list – do them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For readers in the US celebrating Thanksgiving this week – may your holiday be enjoyable and a sweet memory.

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Thanksgiving Gratitude: Be Grateful for Who You Are Right Now

To all the single women out there reading this post:

Thanksgiving GratitudeHas anyone told you lately that you are really wonderful? Do you know that about yourself? It’s completely true. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Every single drop of your being is magnificent. Let me say it once more:

You are wonderful!

So, what’s your reaction to that? Did you push the idea away, thinking “That’s not really true”? Or could you soak in the praise, knowing how valid that description of you is?

As your dating coach, I sure hope your reaction was the second one!

Thanksgiving Gratitude – Serve It Up!

This Thanksgiving I am spending time giving serious thought to what I am grateful for in my life. While I do feel gratitude for some things, this year I am making a bigger effort to look at more parts of my life. Last week I focused on the people who surround me. This week, I decided it was time to focus on what I’m grateful about me.

Forget that Humble Pie When it Comes to Thanksgiving Gratitude

Whether you believe it or not, you are special – a unique human being with a personality as individual as a snowflake. You share your presence with those around you, have your own way of looking at things, and make a contribution to the planet. You may be a full time mom, a grandmother, an aunt or sister, a career woman, a volunteer, a good friend, an assistant. Perhaps you are good at math or wonderfully creative.

And you have special gifts to make a man happy too. Maybe it’s the way you whisper a man’s name, text or email, support his vision, remind him of appointments, cook delectable meals, massage his shoulders, laugh at his jokes, help him feel masculine, share your love or make him smile. So whether or not you are in a relationship – you have much to offer.

Appreciate Yourself Just as You Are

Right now, please take just one minute to appreciate the amazing woman you are, just as you are right now. In this moment, celebrate what you have achieved and what you bring to the party of life. Breathe in the glory of your being, humanness and spirit. You are made with God’s thumb print and deserve to love and appreciate yourself like no other.

Self Love is the Basis of All Love

As I often say to my dating coaching clients, self love is the basis for all love. So, this Thanksgiving holiday as you scurry in the kitchen to prepare a big meal, or go to another home and bring a special dish, please take time out to remember to give thanks for who you are today. When you learn how to treat yourself right, others follow in your footsteps.

I Appreciate You!

And I’m sure there are so many others who do as well. But most importantly, take note of yourself. Love yourself. Be grateful for everything you have right now, all that is going right and for all the lessons you’ve learned so far.

When you take the time to appreciate yourself, even if it’s just for a few moments, you allow your energy to shimmer and shine. You start to sparkle with self love and become so much more magnetic. Your power to attract skyrockets. And you’ll feel happier and more optimistic about what is still to come

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

Wishing you love,

Thanksgiving Gratitude



Are All Men Liars, Cheaters and Unworthy of You?

Are Your Assumptions about Men Accurate?

Happy Thanksgiving – What Are You Grateful For?

This weekend I had a table at a wonderful women’s event about beauty on the inside and out. I had several very interesting exchanges with some of the women in which they shared their beliefs about the men available on the “single’s scene”. Holy Moly – what an earful I got!

To be honest, some of this really shocked me. On the other hand, you may not be surprised at all. While I talk to women all the time wherever I go, I don’t usually run into a streak like this all at once, which is why it struck me so deeply.

Even story below is based on assumptions these women made about ALL MEN. You know what they say about assumptions? When you assume, you make an “ass out of u and me”.

Turning Around Your Stories about Men

Story #1
Beth is 56. Her second husband passed away just 2.5 years ago. Beth has met some men, having dated about 8 guys. But none were the right match and now she feels strongly that she’d prefer to be alone.

I understand this and I never say that every woman should be in a relationship. It is a choice whether or not you want a man in your life.

Beth proceeded to tell me how she doesn’t want to turn down invitations because she’s with a man who doesn’t want to go, or do his laundry or be bothered by his moods, etc. No kidding this went on for at least 20-minutes. Beth is very sure about not finding value in a relationship with a man.

I don’t know anything about her marriage. But I said to Beth, “What I find most confusing about this conversation, is that you assume the next man you’d find would be EXACTLY LIKE YOUR LATE HUSBAND. What are the possibilities of that happening?”

That stopped her in her tracks. Beth looked at me with surprise in her eyes and took a moment to think about it. She didn’t respond. So I continued with, “Every man is unique. You don’t have to date a man who isn’t social or one who is moody. And you don’t have to do his laundry either.”

The conversation went in a new direction after that and Beth soon walked into the event room smiling.

Story #2
Marsha is 67. The minute she discovered I was a dating coach, she began ranting about how ALL MEN ASK FOR MONEY. Her girlfriends have been online and they all have been scammed by these gold diggers.

I asked her, “Marsha, really? All men, the millions of men on the internet, are scammers? How many girlfriends are we talking about?” Marsha replied indignantly, “Three!” My reply, “So three women you know who probably don’t know the first thing about how to date online, have been approached (probably by the same scammer) by these unscrupulous men who want money, so you naturally believe all men are scammers ?”

Marsha took my card and went into the presentation.

Story #3
Valerie is 58 and once she found out I’m a dating coach, she launched into her own tirade about how ALL MEN ARE LIARS. She asked me sarcastically to let her know when I find one who doesn’t lie. I told Valerie I was so sorry she had that experience. It’s truly awful to be lied to. Then I asked how many men had lied to her. “Just one and that is enough!” she snapped.

Valerie thinks all men are liars. Does that make all men liars and all women victims of lying? No I don’t think so. By the way, men don’t corner the market on lying or any of these unpleasant qualities.


Plenty of women actively lie, cheat, misrepresent, are moody, difficult, don’t want to go out, are bitchy and gold dig. But you and I both know that ALL WOMEN are not like this because certainly, you and I are not, right?

Thanksgiving Homework to Open Your Heart

I am asking you to think about your blanket statements, generalizations, and assumptions about men. How accurate are these beliefs? Think about the men who have done you wrong and count them up.

Then think about the other men in your life who might not have been romantic partners. Men who are/were good people. These men might be your friends’ husbands, cousins, uncles, father, bosses, co-workers, volunteers, from the gym, at the grocery store, professionals who have served you well, friends, etc.

Keep in mind that men are literally every where, so there have got to be some good specimens in your life. Please make a list of the good men you know or have known in your life, even in the last 10 years.

Next, and this is a biggie, GIVE THANKS FOR THESE GOOD MEN. Yes, give thanks for their contribution, support, smiles, pleasantries, compliments, service, spirit, good nature, etc. This is for yourself and does not need to be verbalized to the men.

All men are not evil by nature. In fact, the vast majority of men are regular guys just trying to live their lives the best they can. Don’t dump out the baby with the bathwater as the old adage says. You do both yourself and the other half of the human population a terrible disservice.

Please Remember this Important Fact

A woman who can see good in people and has a grateful heart is very attractive and smiles more. I want to see you smile and enjoy the benefits of an open, grateful heart, regardless of your decision to find a romantic relationship or enjoy the single life. Either way, you win when you are grateful for what is good and live with an open, loving heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Photo Credit: Ennon