Dating Over 40: Lori Gottlieb’s New Book “Marry Him” Is Must Read

I am reading Lori Gottlieb’s newest book which is fantastic! About half way through, my copy is covered with tons of colorful stickies, placed to remember each little gem. That’s how many good points Lori makes. I want to buy a case of books to give one to each new client as mandatory homework. Not All Single Women … Read more

Dating Over 40: Tobey McGuire Buys Rights to Lori Gottlieb’s Article “Marry Him – The Case for Settling”

Is this really movie material? The article from March’s Atlantic Monthly caused a tremendous brew haha. Bloggers ranted – i did too. She did the talk show circuit. And now – the rights have been purchasee to make this story into a film. Did Tobey buy a smash hit? maybe. It’s a chick flick waiting … Read more

Dating Over 40: Marry Him – Atlantic Monthly’s Article on Why Women Should Settle

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought about settling? A lot of women swear they would never settle, while others claim they have. Some settlers are very happy with their choice, while others are less enthusiastic about their results. Most of this is irrelevant if you ask me, because first we need to establish what … Read more