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Dating Over 40: Understanding Midlife Men and Fix Your Broken Picker

Are you out there dating and feel confused about what’s up with single men today?

Do you wish you could find the secret dating handbook to “get” single guys over 40?

Do you have a habit of picking the wrong guys, over and over again?

Today at the Dating for Keeps Expo I’ll (Ronnie Ann Ryan) be speaking at 5pm edt. about understanding midlife men. We’ll be talking about why men don’t call or disappear in a mysterious flash. Should a woman ask a man out or how you know if you are dating a romance junkie. Every every single insight this dating coach knows will be revealed from everything I’ve read including books and research studies, to the men I’ve coached and what they’ve revealed and what other dating experts say.  If you’re confused about men, this will help clear things up!

Then at 8pm edt, you’ll hear Dawn Maslar discuss her solutions for women who have a broken picker. Ever hear

Free Teleconference for Women 9/20-9/24

that term before? I bet you have! You know what I mean if you tend to date the same type of guy who inevitably disappoints you or breaks your heart. Discover how to break this pattern and fix your picker so you can find a good man to love.

It’s all part of the Dating for keeps Expo happening all week for National Singles Week. And best of all, it’s free! Register now and you’ll still get to hear four programs, two today and two tomorrow. Or you might want to get the MP3 downloads to find out what you’ve missed on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Once you sign up, you’ll learn how to listen to them.

It’s not too late! Register now so you don’t miss another program.

Dating Advice: What if He’s too Busy to See Me?

Too Busy to See You?

Too Busy to See You?

Dear Ronnie, The Dating Coach,

I’m a single lady and already 28. Well my problem is that I’m afraid that I won’t ever find the right guy to marry. Wanted to be married when I’ve turned 27 years last year in January 2009, but unfortunately that was just a dream that has gone into shatters.

Before I dated someone for 8 years and we broke up. To me it feels like time I’ve wasted! I’m dating someone really charming now and he is older than me. He was married, but now divorced for many years now. The only problem is that he doesn’t have enough time because he is always busy. To tell you the truth we were together in the middle of February, but we are living in one town and only 15 minutes drive away from each other. I don’t know what to make of this.

Can you please help me – am I making a fool of myself to believe that we will be together?
Foolish in Florida

Hello Ms. Florida,

I know this might be tough to hear, but I’m sorry to say from my experience, if a man lives 15 minutes away, but doesn’t have time to see you, he probably isn’t serious about you. Yes, people are busy, but everyone makes time for what is most important to them. Of course I don’t have all the details, yet my gut tells me this is not a good sign.

Perhaps work is the most important thing to your guy. Or he’s dating others. It’s hard to say why he doesn’t have the time, but in truth, that’s not what really matters. The fact that he doesn’t want to see you as much as you’d like to see him is the concern. Have you asked to see him more often? That might be worth a try, although I don’t hold out much hope in this situation.

However, I want to encourage you to be positive and don’t give up hope! You are only 28 and have plenty of time to find the right man.

Also, you didn’t waste time with your old boyfriend if you enjoyed the relationship and learned what works for you and what doesn’t. That is crucial life and relationship experience that makes you who you are today. You are wiser having lived through it.

I recommend getting out there to meet new men and better candidates. This is what I often tell my dating coaching clients. You can’t meet men if you stay home.

Next, think about how you’d like to be treated.  Make a list of behaviors that you want to avoid in future relationships. Then, if the men you date start to exhibit the any of these behaviors, you know that’s a red flag about not being treated well and will need to rethink who you are dating.

There are so many great men out there, especially at your age. Make a commitment to yourself for how many things you’ll do to meet men every week, put on a smile, dress up and become visible! Have fun out there. I know you can find “the one” for you. If you are active and open, your chances of finding the husband of your dreams are excellent!

Wishing you love,


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Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon for Single Women Starts Monday, Feb. 8th

Media Contact:
Ronnie Ann Ryan Ronnie@nevertoolate.biz  203-877-3777

For Immediate Release:

Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon Starts Monday, February 8th

Discover How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single-Style, Plus Savvy Dating Tips to Find Love

(February 6, 2010) Better than a telethon, the first ever Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon raises awareness (instead of money) for the positive aspects of celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single adult. While this holiday often causes single women everywhere to cringe, the Blog-a-thon has been created to shift that reaction to a more upbeat outlook.

Beginning Monday, February 8th, guest bloggers from some of the Internet’s most popular sites, will be sharing their insights to help single women enjoy a day that is traditionally for couples, and offer advice for finding the love they want.

Unite with countless single readers to take in this virtual tour of the web’s best dating experts. Featured guest bloggers include:

Monday, 2/8: The Dating Goddess (www.datinggoddess.com) who has one of the top-ranked dating advice sites and has published more than a dozen books about dating in the Adventures of Delicious Dating after 40 book series.

Tuesday, 2/9: Alyssa Johnson, MSW, LCSW, of www.remarriagesuccess.com  helps divorced parents move into new relationships and successful step families, and is the author of over 250 published articles and 4 books, with an active counseling practice.

Wednesday, 2/10: Laurie Davis is the founder of eFlirt Expert and co-host of the weekly web show, LoveNation. She helps singles market themselves to become successful daters, is the current NY Tech Dating Examiner and a contributing writer for The Guyds.

Thursday, 2/11: SingleMomSeeking  is one of the best dating bloggers specializes in being a parent while looking for love (as reviewed by about.com Guide to Dating) and author of Single Mom Seeking: Play Dates, Blind Dates and Other Dispatches from the Dating World

Friday, 2/12: Terry Hernon MacDonald, expert dating blogger at www.happygirlmusing.com is the author of the hot selling ebook, How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams.

Saturday, 2/13: DeAnna Lorraine, innovative Dating and Relationship Coach and NLP Practitioner, helps clients transform their love life to succeed with the opposite sex at www.DeAnnaLorraine.com

Sunday, 2/14: Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, The Dating Coach has helped over 2,000 singles to successfully jump start or accelerate their search for love. She is also a speaker, workshop leader, author of MANifesting Mr. Right and founder of www.NeverTooLate.biz.

Guest bloggers have been selected for their specific expertise to inform, inspire, and motivate singles to enjoy what is normally the most dreaded retail holiday of the year. In addition, single women, whether divorced, widowed or never married can learn from the sage dating wisdom these experts share.

Ronnie Ann Ryan, creator of the Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon said, “This is a ground-breaking opportunity for single women to rethink their reaction to Valentine’s Day and transform the holiday experience into something enjoyable and positive.”

Ronnie Ann Ryan’s Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon at    www.after40datingtips.com
Monday, February 8, 2010 – Sunday February 14, 2010

9/12 CT Event – Finding Love Online – CT Women’s Expo

2009-womens-banner-tinysquareThere’s no question that online dating has gone mainstream with more singles than ever seeking and finding love over the internet. That’s because nearly 50 million people are online! During this fun, interactive workshop learn about the many different sites available and the pros and cons of some of the more popular ones. Discuss how to write a dynamic, effective profile. Discover how to filter out inappropriate candidates. Meet other singles and share different strategies for getting to know people online. Get tips for staying safe when you meet for the first few times and what types of dates work best.

Saturday, September 12th, 1pm  CT Women’s Expo at the CT Expo Center in Hartford, CT

Get a FREE VIP Pass when you click on the Women’s Expo logo above!