Relationship Advice: He’s My Soul Mate, But Our Relationship Is Secret

This relationship advice is for any woman who doesn’t know where she stands with her man. Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, I’ve known this guy for almost three years. We’ve been friends, but have started to talk and date since he’s gotten divorce. We also work together so though I see him daily and have … Read more

Understand Men: More Red Flags that You’re Dating the Wrong Guy

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5 Reasons Why Men Cheat vs. Leave the Relationship

Sadly, how many of you have had to handle a cheating man? This is purely crazy-making and heart breaking. Wreaking havoc, their destructive, callus behavior twists you into emotional knots that go very deep. This situation spawns countless questions. More than anything, women want to know why. Why did he cheat on me? Why her? … Read more

Dating Over 40: Are you Holding Back in Your Relationship?

Maribeth has been dating Ben for more then 6 months. I hear from her frequently with questions and updates on how things are going. She just went away for their first weekend trip and they really got along and had a wonderful time together. That’s good news! But not good enough perhaps. Seems Ben just … Read more