Shift Your Perspective, Shift Your Love Life After Divorce

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Beth. She’s seeing a new guy and she’s reached the 3 month mark, a pivotal time in a new relationship. While she has really been enjoying Tom, he had begun doing a few things that started getting under her skin. Last weekend, as she began her drive to see him (the trip … Read more

Dating Over 40: 3 Top Dating Experts Today at the Dating for Keeps Expo

Have you forgotten how to flirt? Do you realize how crucial this skill is to your dating success? Do you think of your dating life as a fun adventure? Are you divorced and thinking about getting out there to find love again or maybe already dating and need a few pointers? Today, three fantastic experts will … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Do You Have Enough Self-Esteem to Date?

Divorce can crush your self-esteem. I don’t need to tell you that  – you already know. The end of any relationship can rock your self-confidence as you wonder what went wrong and what you could have done differently. I understand how tough this can be. Many of my dating coaching clients have felt the same … Read more