The Zen Approach to Finding Love

Zen mind and dating is for women who are spiritually-minded and seeking lasting love. This approach to helps you see dating in a new light and open your heart and mind to opportunities to find “The One”. Mindset Lessons from Nature This is one of my favorite times of the year when the trees are … Read more

Dating Over 40: What Happens When You Still Want More?

OK, I’ll admit it – I want more. Today’s desire is rooted in envy. A friend of mine just discovered there’s a blogger on a local newspaper website who writes about her dating adventures and those of her friends as well as her life – like a personal journal – but on the paper’s web … Read more

Dating Over 40: Does Your Love Life Need a Bail Out Too?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some higher source (not a political one though) who could swoop down and do something to straighten out your love life? Just like some Americans are hoping the government will bail out our financial system. Well the good new is – there is! You can rely on your … Read more