Positive Self Talk Helps Build Confidence to Meet a Good Man

Whether you are over 50, or 30, positive self talk will help you build confidence so you can meet more men. Try this practice to find love. How Can I Feel More Positive About Myself? Hi Love & Dating Coach Ronnie, I read your newsletter all the time and wish I could find someone special … Read more

Dating after Divorce: How Do I Handle Things When He Cancels?

My friend and fellow dating blogger, Terry Hernon MacDonald wrote an article about when a man cancels. I liked it so much, I want to share her thoughts with you now and add a few of my own. When you first start dating a new guy, its a very exciting time. You may find yourself … Read more

Dating Over 40: What Do You Do about Rejection?

One of my clients, Mary Jo is recovering from dating disappointment. It’s taken her about four months to shake free of the rejection from Phil, a man who seemed like a dream, but ended up being a nightmare. Mary Jo had four luscious dates with Phil. He knew all the right things to say that her heart … Read more