Dating Over 40: To Use Your Feminine Charm – Think Hospitality

I was in Boston last weekend at a National Speakers Association meeting. The topic was  how to prepare and deliver a speech that engages people and he discussed the difference between customer service and hospitality. A light bulb went on for me as I started thinking how this related to dating.  Customer service focuses on … Read more

Dating After Divorce: I Don’t Have Time to Date with 2 Teenagers

Are you a divorced woman with children? Naturally your children are your first priority – as they should be. That’s just good parenting. But a happy Mom, makes for a happy family – isn’t that true as well? When I work with my dating coaching clients who are dating after divorce, we talk about hopes … Read more

Dating Over 40: They Weren’t the Caliber I’m Looking for

Liz is a client from NJ who is a widow over 60. She’s just starting to get back out there and dip her toes in the dating waters. We had an interesting over 40 dating coaching session yesterday. First I congratulated Liz on getting out there. She attended a dance, went to a few lectures, … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Bored? Try Something New for a Rich, Full Life!

Just when I thought I’d seen everything – I saw something new! Do you feel like your life is ho hum – hum drum? Every day is pretty much the same. Once in a while there are variations. Sometimes I feel this way…sort of bored. Late afternoon yesterday, I drove to the beach. I love it this time … Read more

Dating Over 40: The 1st Goddess for Bella Zadore

It’s official – I’ve been selecoaching, Bella Zadore, Goddess, maa Genacted as the premiere featured Goddess for the Bella Zadore business launch! Check it out here.  Bella Zadore is actually a lifestyle brand for women with a collection of 12 animated characters who make you think, laugh, appreciate being a woman and become more Goddess-like. … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Problem with Mr. Twinkle Eye

Recently, one of my over 40 dating coaching clients was explaining the type of guy she is looking for. This woman who is 51, successful, bright, energetic and friendly, wants a man with some passion and that certain something she can only describe as “a twinkle in his eye.” As a dating coach , I hear … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Why Do I Attract Con Men?

Hi Ronnie, I bought your ebook MANifesting Mr Right and have done the exercises several tines over and taken action. Though making new friends I have still attracted men who have problems, are crazy makers or con men, etc.  I am not dating at the moment as I’ve had enough. Could you please let me know … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Leveraging Your Femininity – Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg?

I just read a great blog post about “Unleashing Feminine Essence” by Johanna Lyman. Her blog is chock-full of wonderful posts concerning romance recovery. This particular post articulated the most essential reason why as a woman, you want to learn to use and leverage your femininity with men. As Johanna and I both agree, if … Read more

Dating: 2 Big Reasons Not to Chase Men & What You Can Do That’s Better

  As a dating coach, I often notice trends in the dating stories my clients share. One of the most common complaints from women is that their efforts to let a man know they are interested are often not successful or well received. This is always a clue for me into what their dating efforts … Read more

Over Dating 40: Divorced Men – The “He’s So Busy” Excuse

Many of my dating coaching clients tell me about the divorced men they meet who are incredibly busy. Between their careers, kids, chores and hobbies, they just have so much going on. As a result, they can’t seem to find the time to get together. Hmmm. To me, the word dating is really a contraction … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Male Dating Coaches Share the Best Way to Meet Men

photo credit – Cheathy There are a number of male dating coaches who have been working with a mostly male audience and more recently have shifted their attention to helping women as well. While they trash most women dating coaches (gee thanks) I am pleased to share their most important strategy for meeting men. David … Read more

Dating Over 40: How to Have More Dates than Ever

The more I read, the more clients I work with, the more clear things become. The recipe for finding love has revealed itself to me. I will share it here and now. Come closer so I can whisper the secret in your ear. Let go of your ideas of perfection Stop getting in your own … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Do You Complain about Men More than You Date Them?

photo credit podchef  Have you let a few bad apples ruin the bunch? If you’ve had some bad experiences, its understandable. how such a thing could happen.  But if you start noticing that you spend more time complaining about men with friends than actually dating them, its time to re-evaluate your belief system. Man Bashing … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Men Are Swarming

It must be the flowers blooming because for some reason in the last 10 days, men have been drawn to me like bees to honey. (Or is that bees to pollen and flies to honey?) This is not the usual state-of-affairs for me, nor has it ever been. Even at my flirtiest best, I got … Read more

Dating Over 40: Could the Biggest Obstacle to Finding Love Be You?

Yesterday was very unusual because I ran not one but two workshops! One was a private home party in the morning. The other was the last of the series in the Spring 100 Day Challenge. What struck me after doing two workshops in one day was the high level of resistance in some of the participants. … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Why Did He Contact Me on Facebook?

This is another one of those Facebook stories which are becoming more common these days. The truth is Facebook is just a communication tool and not a direct method to find love. If a man over 40 genuinely wants to connect with you, he has to take things to the next level beyond Facebook… “Dear Dating Coach, … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Leverage the Luck of the Irish to Become Lucky in Love!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you are of Irish decent or not, many American’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you are feeling Irish today, maybe you should start thinking about how you can leverage the luck  to turn your romantic life around. Let’s base this potentially powerful  shift on the shamrock’s three heart-shaped leaves: 1) Begin thinking … Read more

Over 40 Dating : Can I Get Dates on Facebook?

Yup! That’s another great tip from Jerry, that single midlife guy I spoke about the other day. Jerry tells me he got sick of and those other big sites because it wastes his time. “Women just won’t write back or respond. I don’t understand – isn’t that why they joined?” Excellent question Jerry, I … Read more