Over 40 Dating: e-Harmony Sends Matches from Men Who Are Inactive!

If you read my blog or newsletter, you know I advise against e-Harmony, particularly for the over 40 crowd. Men Don’t Care about Personality Tests I have nothing against the site. It’s just that I don’t think many men are willing to fill out 436 questions about their personality. The vast majority of men can’t … Read more

Dating After Divorce: I’ll Let the Personality Test Dating Sites Weed Out the Men for Me

I was talking to a woman the other day, tall, pretty, blonde, smart, 38. I asked Teddie if she is single and what steps she is taking to find love. Teddie  explained how she’s online with eHarmony. My heart sank for her. I explained why eH has so few men – because most men don’t … Read more

Dating Over 40: Friendly or Independent? Which is Better for Your Match.com Profile?

   Are You Very Independent? Do you have a rich full life and want to maintain your own space even though you want a relationship? You want to keep up your friendships and interest after you find the love of your life. I get that. You’ve been on your own for a while and enjoy … Read more

Dating Over 40: Online Profile Tip – Portray Yourself as a Desirable Woman

  Are you a busy professional? Do you have a demanding, important job that occupies most of your time and energy?  You may really enjoy and have true passion for your work. But let me ask you this question: If a man wrote that he’s a busy professional with a demanding job that takes up most of his … Read more

Dating OVer 40: e-Harmony – My Pet Peeve

One of my readers asked about e-Harmony again this week. Do they have a free coupon, what’s the best deal etc.My response has nothing to do with their promotional efforts. I haven’t a clue about that. But here’s what I do know from talking with hundreds of women over 40. There are very few men … Read more

Dating Over 40: Can I Take My Profile Down? I’ve Had 3 Dates with Mr. Wonderful!

Yesterday, Stacy asked me this question. The short answer is – I don’t advise it. Don’t take your profile down before you know how things are going to unfold. There are cases where you hit it off with someone and you know – this is it. Or at least it seems that way. Ever felt … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Are You Ready to Date?

My friend and fellow dating expert, Terry Hernon MacDonald wrote an excellent piece last Friday in answer to a reader’s questions about dating via the Internet. In fact, I was taken by her direct approach and savvy honesty from her perspective about the question asked. Her reader said she was ready to date, but then … Read more

Dating Over 40: Is it Safe to Use Your email Address with Your Match.com Acquaintances?

I learned something new today from a tech friend about email addresses. A client asked me if using her regular email is safe on match vs going through the match email service. I wasn’t sure so I asked my friend. I figured if your email address doesn’t have your real full name in it, and you … Read more

Dating After Divorce: How Come He Flirts via Email, But Doesn’t Ask Me Out?

Have you encountered one of these guys? The banter and flirting back and forth via the Internet is fantastic. He has such a great sense of humor and seems really fun and interested in you. After all, why would he waste so much time flirting with you if he didn’t like you? And if he … Read more