Dating After Divorce: Is “Good Editor” One of Your Must Have Qualities for a Romantic Partner?

One of my clients was complaining about online profiles, emails and why she just isn’t interested in a man who can’t spell or confuses words. She can almost forgive the typos, but using too instead of to sends her over the edge. Sandra insists that this is a measure of intelligence and she needs to … Read more

Dating After Divorce: How Do I Get Men to Ask Me Out vs. Just Emailing?

I have been quite busy with online dating. Some men are weird, so I delete about 75% of them.  And then I’m frustrated by guys who want to be email buddies. They stall on inviting me for a real face-to-face meeting.  How long should I wait before I get honest and say, "Enough small talk, when do … Read more

Dating Over 40: How can I keep myself safe when I’m trying online dating?

  Dear Ronnie, I’m putting up a profile on and want to know if you have any tips about being safe when using internet dating sites? Can you give me some suggestions please? Katie in Scarsdale, NY Dear Katie, There are a number of things you can do to help guard your safety with … Read more

Dating Over 40: Online Profile Tip – Portray Yourself as a Desirable Woman

  Are you a busy professional? Do you have a demanding, important job that occupies most of your time and energy?  You may really enjoy and have true passion for your work. But let me ask you this question: If a man wrote that he’s a busy professional with a demanding job that takes up most of his … Read more

Dating Over 40: 5 Big Reasons Why You Must Post a Photo on

If you are going to write up a profile and answer all the questions on or any other dating site, for goodness sake, please post a photo. I am constantly amazed at women who tell me they don’t want to put up a picture. Why not? Well there are plenty of reasons. For example … Read more