If I Hire an Expensive Matchmaker, Will the Quality of Men Be Better?

Where can I find the good men? Ahhh, an age old question. By “good”, women usually mean men who are successful, attractive, charming and ready for a committed relationship. Unfortunately, so called “Good Men” do not congregate in any one special place. It’s not like they all go to the same dance or bar with … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Client’s Who Follow Patti’s Advice Find Love

Did you watch this week’s episode of the Millionaire Matchmaker? It was another great show!  The theme Tuesday night was the “Bumpkin and the Bisexual.” The Bumpkin Somehow, this young, good looking Christian guy from Indiana (was it?) came to Patti for help finding a good match. Seems hard to believe he couldn’t find love with … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker – TMI Keeps Chef from Second Date

Rather than picking apart the two millionaires Patti had on the show last night, I want to talk about the dark-haired chef that both men chose initially for their mini-dates. I wish I could remember her name but it escapes me, so for now I’ll call her Chefgirl. Let me share important dating tips from … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Millionaire Matchmaker is Back on Bravo Tonight!

Yeah – Patti’s back with season 3! This time with a ring on her finger. Guess she finally convince her beau to poop or get off the pot. Good for her! She’s been flashing a large and quite sparkly, heart-shaped ring in the commercials announcing the first show of the new season! Can’t wait to … Read more

Dating Over 40: From the Millionaire Matchmaker & The Chilled Vodka Room to Rock of Love on Ellen

I love this show! Have you seen the lastest episodes of the Millionaire Matchmaker? Last week’s was over the top for one guy. Patti was trying to help Laurence with his dating strategy – he’s not a quick study. Not only didn’t he follow Patti’s sage advice, but he did everything she told him not … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Millionaire Matchmaker is Back!

I’m a big Bravo TV fan and one show that is my favorite is returning this month – The Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti Stanger. First of all, she looks pretty hot from the previews. Perhaps some personal work after last season… But more than that, Patti offers serious, no nonsense, sensible dating advice to her … Read more

Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker Ends with Proposal-Please Don’t Try This at Home!

Did you catch the last episode of Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo? What a shocker! One of her clients, Paul met his first match, Cidney, and during the date while flying around in a helicopter, he asked her to marry him! I was stunned. Talk about love at first sight. Is that really possible? Maybe it was altitude sickness? … Read more