Dating Over 40: When I Tell New Men about My Health, They Run

Mary commented on one of my recent blogs and asked me a serious question. She is a cancer survivor and has noticed that when she meets someone new and shares her health situation, her dates usually don’t contact her again. She’s frustrated with this but feels she needs to be upfront and honest. My heart … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Six Ways to Get Past Your Resistance to Getting Started on the Dating Journey

You’ve been divorced for a while now, maybe a year, maybe a lot longer. Friends have asked you what you are doing to meet men, but you calmly reply, "Not much." And that’s OK, for a while. Not that everyone must have a new relationship. I understand how it’s not for everyone. But if you … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why can’t a man just tell you when things are over?

  Dear Dating Coach, Why can’t a man just tell you when things are over?   I had a long distance relationship with this great guy for 15 months. He had been a client and while we worked together, we spoke daily. At one point he flew out for a meeting and we got to … Read more

Dating Over 40: Diary of a mid-Life Dater – When the New Man Shows Up

How exciting! One of my clients has just connected with a new man with real potential. Honestly, we are both thrilled. And she has allowed me to share her story with you in this new series of posts- Diary of a Mid-Life Dater. Shellie has been divorced for 15 years. Her marriage ended when she … Read more