Date Online: Busting 3 Myths about Online Dating

Tips to Help You Date Online As a dating coach for women in midlife,  I wish I had a dollar for every gal who told me “Online dating is not for me!” I’d be rich! For me, this closed off attitude about the Internet is such a shame. Why do I say that? Because to … Read more

Is it Hard to Keep Your Happy Face On When Dating Over 40?

When you go to a big event where you don’t know a lot of people, do you find it difficult to keep that happy smile on your face? If you said yes, I know what you mean. I just attended a 3-day workshop in Florida and people were simply loving it! While much of the … Read more

Dating Over 40: The More People You Know, the Better Your Chances of Finding Dates

I found this great article today on about expanding your social circle. Bascially the idea is, the more people you know, the more people they know. When you increase your social reach, you chances of meeting  "The One" get better and better. Dating is a numbers game. With that in mind, you can see what … Read more