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Manifesting Love – 3 Ways to Apply the Law of Attraction

manifesting love - 2 BuddhasLaw of Attraction Love

Have you tried using the Law of Attraction Love for manifesting love? The Law of Attraction is a Universal Principle that states “Like attracts like.” This works on an energetically – the non-verbal messages you send out into the Universe and how your own energy resonates. You want to be a match to the energy of the man you dream of.

Too woowoo for you? Surprisingly, this is no longer some “out there” concept, but has been scientifically proven by physicists! That’s what quantum physics is all about. They have recently proved that your feelings create energy or vibration and that attracts people and situations into your life.

Manifesting Love Through Your Inner Self

As your love and dating coach, I share these easy methods for manifesting love so you can find the right man as quickly as possible. It’s not enough to just swipe right or send messages online. You need to work on your inner self as well, not just the external dating activities.

For the Law of Attraction Love to work,  you need to focus on raising your vibration to the level of your desire. In other words, if you want a lasting, loving relationship, you must believe you can have it and demonstrate loving behavior on your own.

Become an Energetic Match for Love


This is how you embody the energy of love and raise your vibration to become an energetic match for the man you dream of and the love you deserve.

Below you’ll find three powerful methods for manifesting love and raising your vibration. I recommend using them all to ensure you raise your love vibe.

The key is to do them consistently. Frequent application will definitely elevate your vibration which is what makes the Law of Attraction Love work. That’s how you’ll be more attractive and magnetic to the love you want.

1. Write Your Affirmations

Anyone who talks about the Law of Attraction Love will encourage you to write your affirmations in a journal or notebook. You can also type them, but writing by hand works better. Listening to love songs or happy music while doing this will help you feel positive. That’s another way to raise your love vibration. to be even more magnetic.

Fill a page or write for 15 minutes, which ever feels best and do this every day. First thing in the morning is best for manifesting love (or anything) because it sets the tone for the day. If you miss a day, don’t worry, just start again and continue from there.

2. Develop a Song or Chant

manifesting loveI not only created affirmations, but I put them to music to manifest my husband.  You can write your own music if you’re creative or rewrite lyrics to a popular song.  I sang my affirmations all the time – in the shower, washing dishes, on my walk in the early morning (OK I stopped when people passed me by so I wouldn’t be embarrassed).

This is like having a personal song from the Ally McBeal TV show years ago. Ever see it? Its a very personal method for manifesting love which is why it really produces results.

My experience has been this works even better when moving your body. That’s why I sang while exercising to add another vibrational lift. With or without exercise,  sing until your heart fills and your smile feels contagious. This works!

3. Create a Vision Board


Create a vision board as a visual representation of your affirmation. It should illustrate how you’ll feel with the right man and what you’ll do together. Include words that describe him, how you’ll feel as well as photos. You can cut things out from magazines and also create them on your computer and print them out. A combination is good.

Avoid showing a man’s face because we don’t know who he’ll be. We don’t know what he looks like . Instead, use a silhouette of a man or lovers and also use the back of a man if you like.

Place your completed vision board somewhere you can see it often. The point is to visually stimulate the feelings to once again elevate your vibration.  If you are a visual person, this works really well for manifesting love.

Of course there are many other ways to apply the Law of Attraction Love, but these are three powerful ones to get you started.

To learn more about powerful manifesting love techniques, chapter seven in my book MANifesting Mr. Right has 4 more methods for you. Get your own copy now. Become a member of audible.com and you can download this audio book free!


Atlantic Monthly: Are Women Forced to Choose Between Deadbeats and Players?

Atlantic Monthly Article is NOT the Final Word on Your Chance of Finding a Decent Man!

Atlantic Monthly

In a recent article published in the Atlantic Monthly, there was a Bible-length article entitled All the Single Ladies on the plight of single women in America. I haven’t finished it yet because, frankly, I’ve got things to do. (But, I will get back to it.)

Basically the author, Kate Bolick, is talking about how hard it is for single women to find marriageable men IF you define “marriageable” men as having more education and more money. She has consulted with many famous researchers and writers to compose this diatribe which points to the dissolution of marriage as we know it. Or that women today can only choose between deadbeats and players. Such black and white thinking is ridiculous!

Women now make more money (through some clever economic equalizing she did), have more education and therefore less hope of every finding a decent man to marry. Never mind how in societies with more women, we become a commodity for sex as fewer and fewer men want to commit because they simply don’t have to.

Yet, she also cited statistics that on college campuses. Research points to the fact that everybody isn’t hooking up. Instead, it appears that 20% of the males are having 80% of the sex with 20% of the women. The rest are hanging back and staying out of the fray. So that belies her supposition right there.

If the hair on the back of your neck is standing up in total outrage at the tiny bit I just shared, take a deep breath. Let me give you my insight into her article.

Sex sells. So do hype and shock.

The Atlantic needs to sell magazines and this is another inflammatory article that does just that – gets you riled up so you buy the magazine. With a cover story entitled, What Me Marry? they are simply repeating a successful strategy that Lori Gottlieb might have started for them a few years ago with her own long story about not finding a decent guy and how she should have settled (the precursor to her book Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough. I liked her book by the way even though I ripped apart her original article)

Don’t Let the Media Run Your Life

In 1987, I fell into a deep pit of despair after a week or so of outrage and anger about an article written in Newsweek. It explained how  single women over 35 were more likely to be abducted by terrorist than to get married. Ultimately the article was refuted and proved wrong. Yet, it took me so long to get over that horrid news piece. What a waste of time!

While it took me 10 years to make my huge turn around at 40, I dated 30 men in 15  months with the intention to find the right man for me. And it worked! I have been happily married for nearly 12 years. (Never been abducted by terrorists though I have  no desire to tempt the fates.)

Is it Harder to Find a Good Partner than it Used to Be?

Yes. But that does not mean it is no longer possible? People still fall in love and marry every day. The very first comment on the Atlantic Monthly blog (where I read the article) on was written by a man from the mid west. Dave Ryan (no relation) wrote this comment that is the perfect attitude to address all this marriage “fire and brimstone” with – a common grain of salt.

… I expect the author’s friend Ellen will be the minority experience… The rest of us, like the Midwesterners of yesteryear, will form partnerships out of necessity, and (hopefully) find some measure of happiness in that as well.”

Well said Dave!

I’ve been a dating coach for 10 years and here’s what I can promise you. If you are willing to:

  • Get out to meet people
  • Be friendly
  • Consider a range of men, not just those in the top 5%
  • Understand what works best with dating today (The Yin Yang Dating Philosophy from my book MANifesting Mr. Right)

Then I feel pretty certain you can and will find a loving partner. There are still plenty of good men if you are willing to look and realize that an amazing man who loves you dearly might not come in the perfect package of Prince Charming or George Clooney. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

And last but not least, I just want to say that when I looked up who is Kate Bolick, all it said is that she is a writer and contributing editor in New York. Not a researcher. Not an anthropologist. Not a scientist. Not enough credentials, regardless of her own personal history and all the experts she contacted, to be the authority on YOUR LOVE LIFE.

So don’t take her downer article to heart or let it keep you from seeking the love you deserve.


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Dating After Divorce: He Left Me and I’m So Heartbroken

Painful Break UpDear Ronnie The Dating Coach,

Almost three years ago my marriage of 22 years broke up. I was upset, but not heartbroken. Now I just broke up with a man I was seeing for 7 months. Everything was fine, but he decided he could not see a future because of our kids, so broke it off. I feel more heartbroken than my when marriage broke up and 6 weeks later can’t seem to move on. I feel so frustrated with myself.

Can you please give me advice on what to do?
Thank you,

Dear Heartbroken,

I’m so sorry you are struggling over this break up. No matter what, breaking up is always hard. As I tell my dating coaching clients who are over 40 or dating after divorce, best thing you can do at this point is to take really good care of yourself. Here’s a list of activities that can help:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat well
  • Maybe indulge occasionally in a yummy treat or two
  • Get a facial or a massage if you like them
  • Read a new book
  • Call a girlfriend
  • See a fun movie – no tear-jerkers!
  • Get some exercise
  • Play with your kids
  • Start a new project
  • Do something creative – like paint, sew, knit, etc.
  • Enjoy music or play some if you know how – music is very healing
  • Sing your favorite songs Karaoke style – they have this on youtube
  • Try a Reiki healing session
  • If needed, visit a therapist or counselor for professional help
  • Get a make over
  • Buy a couple of new clothing items
  • Write in a journal
  • Write your ex a letter but don’t send it! Burn it instead to free yourself
  • Learn something new
  • Take a class or a workshop on any topic (not just dating)

Time will heal and all of these suggestions are to help you pass the time. Pick a few of these that appeal to you or do a bunch of them. Dedicate yourself to feeling better and healing the wound and disappointment. Even though you are  a busy single mom, take time out for yourself to do the healing work that will make a difference.

Lastly, it might be worthwhile to re-evaluate this man. You say that everything was fine, but now you can see that everything wasn’t fine at all. To some degree,your relationship was based on illusion because your guy wasn’t being completely honest with you UNTIL he was totally honest and left. That stinks and it says something about who this man really is.

Perhaps he did really like you and tried to see if things could work out, but decided he couldn’t do it. Regardless, he was not the right man for you because the right man knows you are a package deal with your children and will be OK with that. And will find a way to blend the families together (if that was the issue).

One last thing. When you do start to feel better, make a list of what you do and don’t want in a man. For the don’ts, find a way to remind yourself as you meet new men. You want to make sure you don’t see these unwanted characteristics again. Sometimes women overlook flaws since there are so many things about a guy that dazzles them. An interest in blended families is something that cannot be overlooked.

You can read more ideas in Chapter 28 “Broken Heart Repair” of my book, MANifesting Mr. Right

This experience has been very unpleasant and difficult for you. But it in no way does it indicate that you cannot find love again. In time, you’ll get back to there to try again. But make sure you do the healing work needed before you do.

Wishing you love,

Ronnie – The Dating coach

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Dating Over 40: Arielle Ford Adds Gratitude to Law of Attraction Work

I’m still thinking about some of the wonderful speakers I heard during the Soulmate Summit. One in particular stands out – Arielle Ford. She is the author of  The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction.

The Soulmate Secret

For me, one of the most interesting things I learned was how many other women and dating coaches used the Law of Attraction (LOA), like I did, to when dating over 40 to find love.  But Arielle had a twist to the usual format that you hear.

Typically, with LOA, you get specific with what you want. I have my dating coaching clients think about the qualities they are looking for in a man such as intelligent, honest, affectionate, generous in spirit, athletic, healthy, etc. Then I ask women dating over 40 or dating after divorce about the quality of the relationship they desire. Is their relationship with the right man easy, fun, respectful, comfortable, spontaneous, loving, soulful, etc.?

Next, the process requires determining the end result which is how you want to FEEL. Because, it is the emotional end result that creates the vibration, working like a beacon to call in the one you want. You do this by matching the vibration of what you want so that “like attracts like”.  That is the very essence of how LOA works. Emotions are powerful energy generators and all energy has a pattern or in other words, a vibration!

So, to attract love, you must spend time FEELING what it will be like. But you have to FEEL it right now, today, as if its already happening. As if its REAL. This is exactly what I did and I can tell you that the process did work. 

Arielle added one more step. And this makes so much sense but I never did this part. Arielle has you imagine how grateful you are for finding the love you want. Express your gratitude to the Universe, God or powers that be in the moment you imagine being with the right man for you. You could say a simple “Thank you” or extend your statement to more fully express your gratefulness.

What is so smart about adding this step is that it further promotes your belief that what you are imagining IS TRUE. So true, that you are already grateful! How’s that for elevating your vibration? That will do it. It deepens the feeling and makes the emotions more real. Very savvy Arielle. And taken from many spiritual practices. The idea of expressing gratitude for all that you have is basic to most religions and spiritual practices.

When you choose to work with me as your dating coach and startpracticing the Law of Attraction to MANifest your mate, I highly recommend closing as Arielle does with a bit of gratitude. Whatever way you want to do this is fine. Let’s see if that speeds things up. But even if it doesn’t, you can never go wrong feeling grateful for all that you  have and all the good that is coming your way.

Dating Over 40: Sing Your Own Love Song this Valentine’s Day by Ronnie Ann Ryan

It’s day five of the Valentine’s Day blog-a-thon! Happy Valentine’s day to you. I hope you’ve been reading along with the Blog-a-thon daily since it started on Thursday, 2/10 featuring a different guest dating blogger every day. There are still two more days to come so stop by again Tuesday and Wednesday so you don’t miss a drop of this amazing dating advice for single women dating over 40 or dating after divorce.

Ronnie Ann Ryan - The Dating Coach

Today’s post is by me, Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach, workshop leader, professional speaker and author of MANifesting Mr. Right: It’s Never Too Late to Find the Love You Want. Share your smile with others today and you’ll share the love energy of this special day.

Sing Your Own Love Song this Valentine’s Day

When you choose to work with me, you’ll become familiar with the Law of Attraction and the principle “Like Attracts Like’. It means, to attract love, you have to embody love and create the energetic vibration of being in love with the right man right, NOW.

How can you do this?

There are many methods I share with my dating coaching clients including creating affirmations. You can say them out loud, silently in your mind, or write them down repeatedly. Some people make a “vision board” to visually represent your affirmation.

For me, I like to sing.  Most of the world’s religions and spiritual practices incorporate singing or chanting to send your prayers to God. Music is known to lift your spirit and RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. Think about it – singing creates a vibration in your body as your vocal chords work like a musical instrument.

When I was single, I turned my affirmations into songs or chants. The first one set the foundation for what I hoped to create. It was these four simple lines explained below.

1. Please allow my love to flow
I knew that I had love energy within me that had grown stagnant. My intention was to get this energy moving again inside my body and within my energy field.

2. Open my heart and let it grow
My heart had shut down. During college, I was hurt deeply by my boyfriend. To move on, I needed to let go and open my heart to men again. 

3. I’m more attractive than I know
Over the years, I lost touch with my own allure and feminine charm. I didn’t feel I had much appeal. To change this I started eating better and exercised. I knew I also had to find a way to believe in my s-e-x appeal. 

4. There is a man who loves me so
Another important belief that needed to strengthen was that love was possible. The right man would find me – and I would find him.

Next, I created a little tune and began singing. In essence, I wrote my own love song.

How did I use this chant? I sang that little ditty all the time! When I awoke in the morning, on my daily walk, in the shower, in the car, doing the dishes, etc. Sometimes I sang in my mind. Other times I belted out the tune like I was on a Broadway stage.

Guess what I discovered? It made me happy! The chant wove its way into my subconscious, helping me believe and elevating my vibration to the level of love I desired. Over time, I wrote eight chants to help me attract the right man for me.

If you’re familiar with my work, you know the happy ending. I met my husband on a blind date – the 30th man I dated in 15 months. It still brings tears of gratefulness to my eyes.

There is no denying the powerful force of the Law of Attraction and for me, putting the affirmation to music. Use my song or write your own. Many of my dating coaching clients have reported not only finding love, but also new homes, new jobs, etc., singing their desires to the Universe.

Write your own love song and sing it loudly.  The music will be working its magic for you, dancing through the Universe, bringing your love to thee.

Read more about coaching with Ronnie and get started here.

If you missed any of the previous posts from the Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon, click below:

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2/13/11 MANifesting Mr. Right – Pymander Books, Norwalk, CT

This highly effective workshop will change the way you approach dating forever.  The course provides energetic/spiritual and practical tools for finding love including adopting dater’s mind, finding the abundance of available men, heart-opening and MANifesting techniques, and creating a dating action plan to meet them.  If you’re ready to shift your energy and attitudes, discuss dating in an open, supportive, and positive environment, and laugh a lot, then please join me for this compelling seminar.  

Sunday, February 13, from  2-4pm

Pymander Books, 37 Wall Street, Norwalk, CT

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Dating Over 40: Are You Ready to Be Cherished with Barb Scala

Are you ready to be cherished in a relationship?  The interview below with Marilyn Graman, author of There Is No Prince and How to Be Cherished and myself was conducted by Barb Scala of www.bloomwithbarb.com Barb is a delightful speaker, author and coach, helping women sprout their dreams and grow their lives.

The interview covers a lot of ground including a very interesting admission by Marilyn about her relationship with her husband. She talked about how she thought her husband would demonstrate his love by following her rules. While he did love her, he didn’t always follow her rules and she talks about how she reconciled this divergence. A huge discovery!

We also discussed what closes you off to love and the critical viewing of men that interferes with your relationship success.

I also spoke about how all love starts with self-love and how it’s so important to get your own loving energy moving to attract the love you want. It’s about an hour, but it’s worth every minute.

Here’s how you can listen: Click here, then scroll down to May 13th – Are You Ready to Be Cherished?

Happy Listening!

Dating Over 40: Create an Affirmation to Leverage the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Have you created an affirmation about love yet? Working with me as your dating coach, That’s one of the first things we do. It’s easy really. Here’s how you can do it to start attracting the love you want today.

1. Think about the qualities you want in your romantic partner. Is he happy, successful, supportive, communicative, social, healthy, and a good listener? Maybe he’s got a generous heart, he’s spiritual or romantic? What ever qualities you want in a partner, make a list and include everything you can think of.

2. Can’t think of what you want but sure know what you don’t want? That works too! For example, if you dated a man who was cheap and don’t want that again, then ask for a man who is generous. If you dated a guy who was dishonest, you now want an honest man. If you dated a guy who was never around and wouldn’t talk about things, then you want a guy who is available and communicative. Turn what you don’t want around to be what you do want.

3. Now that your list is complete, take a moment to relax and center yourself. Read the list of all the great qualities you are looking for – this is your MANifesting list. Next, close your eyes and imagine it’s all true! Imagine that you have found each other. How does that feel? Suspend all judgment about whether or not this is possible. Simply believe it is for this moment and connect with the emotions around it. How would you feel?

Make sure the words you choose aren’t too simple like “good” or wonderful”. Think about emotive words such as “ecstatic, blessed, loved, cherished, blissful,  lucky, sexy”. Push yourself to choose words that are very descriptive because this customizes the affirmation specifically to you. How you feel about the right man is what matters most and makes this exercise powerful.

4. Finish this sentence: With the right man for me, I feel __________, _______, and _________. Just pick three or four, no more. You want to capture the essence of how great it feels.

That’s it! You’ve done it – the first step to MANifesting the right man for you. When you choose to work with me as your dating coach, I will help you refine your affirmation statements to get the best results. You’ll see how easy this process can be as you hear the affirmations and feel great when they sink into your subconscious mind and go out into the Universe.

That’s how the Law of attraction works – with like attracting like. So when you shift your beliefs and energy to feel how good you’ll feel with the right man, you are now vibrating at the level you desire. That means you can now attract the love you want!

 Check back tomorrow  for how to use this affirmation to apply the Law of Attraction to your love life.

photo credit: atmtx

Dating After Divorce: Law of Attraction – Why You MUST Say Affirmations Out Loud?

This weekend I ran a workshop using the Law of Attraction to attract love. A lot of material was covered on how to create a powerful, customized affirmation for each class participant. After we completed the process, one woman asked me, “Do I have to say my affirmation out loud? What if I don’t’ feel comfortable doing that? I prefer to just visualize it while laying in bed.”

What a great question!

As a dating coach working with the Law of Attraction (LOA), I have discovered numerous ways to use affirmations. And,  trying a variety of methods is actually a smart way to go. However, here are some crucial elements of working with LOA to be successful. Here are five tips to help apply the LOA for the best results:

1. You need to be comfortable with your affirmation. Of  course it will be as stretch – you are reaching to manifest something you do not currently have. but it should feel good when you use your affirmation and leave you uplifted and with optimism.

2. Customize your affirmation. Make it specific to you.  For example, it’s great to repeat, “I am a man magnet” but what kind of man? Losers? Men who are emotionally unavailable or unfaithful?  Of course not! qualify those men in your statement:” I am a magnet for the right man, a good man who loves and respects me and fulfills my needs as I fulfill his.”

3. Give voice to your affirmation. I recommend to my dating coaching clients that they speak their affirmations. If you cannot say the statement out loud then you are not owning it, you are not embracing it, and hence you cannot not embody it. That means it won’t work.

In order for LOA to be effective, you have to vibrate at the level of what you want – that’s the way LOA works!  So if you can’t say the affirmation because it doesn’t FEEL comfortable, then you miss out on the vibration of your voice which allow the affirmation to permeate every cell in your body. Don’t not skip this step!

4. Sing your affirmations. In fact, I often recommend to my dating coaching clients that they put their affirmations to music. Even if you use the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and change the words to your affirmation, it can multiply the impact dramatically. Why? Because singing creates vibration!

5. Try several methods. When you try several different methods of using your affirmation, you will find the ones that resonate best with you. This makes a lot of sense because when you choose methods that feel good, you will do the work more often and it will permeate your being and subconscious mind  that much deeper.

Naturally there are countless ways to work with affirmations that will increase their effectiveness:

– Write them every day
– Make a treasure map to visually represent them
– Decorate a pillow on your bed with your affirmation
– Visualize them in a meditation

When you start working with affirmations, fully embrace them and don’t do it sparingly. The more you work with them, the faster they will work.

You can read more on how to apply seven powerful MANifesting techniques from chapter 7 in  in my book, MANifesting Mr. Right. Get your copy as a downloadable ebook, audio book on CD  or paperback today.

Dating Over 40: Celebrating My 10th Anniversary

You Can Get Married Over 40!

You Can Get Married Over 40!

We made it! Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We are still in love and things are going well.

Not that we don’t hit bumps in the road – because we certainly have our challenges. But we work on things to resolve our differences. Getting married for the first time at 43 (me) and 39 (Paul) we had our separate methods to living life that had to be melded and adjusted for a happy union.  It’s a lot different than having met in our 20’s when adult life was just beginning and no real habits had been established.

We get along very well 98% of the time which for me makes it very worthwhile. I wouldn’t be able to handle constant fighting or disagreements. I am very careful about picking my battles and thinking not only short term but long term with handling our relationship.

I have found that relationships have a very delicate balance. This has become obvious from watching my friends relationships who have deteriorated, listening to dating coaching clients, and from friends who are therapists who deal with marital issues regularly.

So I try to never do things out of spite because  to me, this is the road to ruin.

Back to our celebration. Paul came home with a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers, tied with a wide hot pink ribbon. We went to dinner at a new restaurant I had selected and had a wonderful meal in a romantic and historic setting (we both love antiques). After returning home, we exchanged and opened cards and … The evening was just as I had hoped.

As I think back to my 15 months of intense dating, getting to know 30 men to find Paul, I know in every cell of my being how worthwhile that journey was. Every hurtful event, every mean comment, every rejection, every time I was stood up, every broken-hearted moment – they were worth it. Because they lead me here to a lifetime partner, loving and challenging all at the same time.


Finding the right man is totally possible. And very worthwhile. Open your eyes, mind and heart to men. Believe  and know you will find him. Stop resisting and get out there. Be friendly, smile and make it easy for your Mr. Right to find and meet you. consider a broader range of who might fit into Mr. Right’s shoes. Enjoy the woman you are and leverage your feminine charm. You not only deserve love – you can have it!

If you want to know how I made my dream come true, you can find every single strategy, tip and method I used in my book MANifesting Mr. Right. Get your copy now and live your dream.

PS – Yeah, a black wedding dress. I just look so much better in black.

Dating Over 50: What Do You Recommend to Find Love?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach,

I am a 54 year old single woman from Seattle who is ready to find love. Just bought your book and am so excited to read it!

I am staying positive about meeting the perfect mate for me! I’d like a mate who shares some of my interests like: music (jazz, R & B, classical), movies, plays, and sporting events. I definitely want a man who is family oriented and enjoys travel. I joined eHarmony and was formerly a member of Match.com.  What do you recommend for me?

Sleeping good and feeling hopeful in Seattle

Dear Hopeful,

I am sorry to say that I’m not a fan of eHarmony. I suppose it might matter where you live, but they have very few men in your age bracket and it drops off quickly in the 40’s. I know this from the  2,000+ dating coaching clients I have helped, many of whom have complained bitterly about the site.

The site is also notorious for sending matches of men with expired profiles! They don’t tell you that for obvious reasons. Most men don’t want to fill out eHarmony’s236 questions and don’t care about personality tests. They don’t want to be bothered with cumbersome communication methods either.

On the other hand – you never know and occasionally women over 40 do meet a man on that site. There are exceptions to every rule, so don’t worry that you already signed up. Think of it as just ONE of the avenues you can employ to meet men. You may also want to join another site, go to singles dances, try speed dating, etc. to supplement your eHarmony activity. Match.com actually has a lot more men and 50+ is the fastest growing age group for online dating. That’s the good news!

I believe in making an “Action Plan” planning exactly what you are going to do each month to meet new men. Without such a plan, you may not be in the mood, feel like there is nothing to do, focus on chores or hang with the girls. These other options are perfectly fine as part of your life – but they won’t help you meet men.

I recommend to my over 40 dating coaching clients to decide how often you are willing to do something to meet men every month and then create your plan including signing up for things and putting them on your calendar.

The next area to focus on is what I call your “Inner Plan.”  This is about the steps you will take to make sure you believe in love. And to make sure you are open to and attract the man you have described.

Steps might include affirmations, visualization, positive thinking, chanting, prayer and several other ideas I’ve outline in great detail in my book MANifesting Mr. Right. (Thanks for your recent purchase by the way!)

 My book is actually divided into three segments:
1. Dater’s Mind – The right mind set for the best dating results.
2. Action Plan – How to meet lots of new men
3. Protocol – Understanding how dating works

You’ll find lots of helpful tips and proven strategies in the book that have worked for so many women. And they helped me meet and marry my husband!

Good for you for staying positive about meeting men – some times that is more than half the battle!

Wishing you love,
Ronnie – The Dating Coach


Dating After Divorce: MANifesting Mr. Right – The Book Works!

MANifesting Mr. Right

MANifesting Mr. Right

One of my over 40 dating coaching clients, Daphne is having the best time with her dating journey. Daphne, who is in her mid-50’s and dating again after 27 years of marriage, has shared with me that “Your book is WORKING” – her words.   While she’s been divorced for 4 years and dated before we started coaching, her current experience is quite different – in a positive sense!

Before working with me, Daphne was dating Pete,  a man who seemed like a good package, but over time displayed similarities to her ex-husband. Oh no. When we started dating coaching, she was still seeing him ocassionally, but no longer in a serious relationship. We talked about how  much space he might be occupying in her heart and mind, but Daphne felt quite certian he wasn’t preventing her from meeting new men.

As she read my book, she came upon the page where I ask the reader to sign, making a contract with herself to make finding love a priority. Apparently Daphne took this commitment very seriously. So much so, that ever since signing, she claims things have really turned around.

First – Daphne began to re-look at her relationship with Pete and just didn’t know what to do. We came up with the solution together that she might consider letting go of him in three months. That time line tactic helped Daphne relax and it didn’t take that long for her to give him up. She recognized that he was keeping her from being truly open to new men and that didn’t coincide with her commitment to find love. Today she is free of Pete and comments on how great that feels.

Second, contrary to what so many of my over 40 dating coaching clients tell me, Daphne is meeting a large number of qualified candidates online at Match.com.  While others say all men stink and there aren’t any good ones left, Daphne is having a field day. They are coming out of the woodwork just for her.  Men with education, good jobs, wealth, boats, looks, etc. Go figure.

Third, Daphne is getting really good at weeding out the men who will not be a good match to make room for the guy who could be an excellent prospect. She’s not wasting time with the wrong guys, but she is giving men a chance to maximize her options. Smart Cookie that Daphne.

The point is this: while Daphne credits her current success to my book, MANifesting Mr. Right, (which I must say I do appreciate) I would say it’s her attitude, open mind, and actions that are creating this level of positive activity for her.  She hasn’t met “the one” yet, but each man seems to be a bit closer to the guy she hopes to manifest.

Adopt Daphne’s attitude and see what happens for you. Make a commitment to yourself to make finding love a priority. Write a great profile (or have me help you with yours) and then get out there to meet men.  Enjoy and appreciate the men even if you haven’t nmet the right one yet. You’ll likely relax knowing that it’s just a matter of time and you’ve got everything else aligned for the best dating karma possible.

Thanks Daphne for inspiring me and enjoying the journey!

Dating Over 40: Is he Educated Enough for Me?

Dear Dating Coach,

After about 9 months of meeting and dating men, it seems I may have found a good one. Rex and I get along really well and enjoy each other’s company. He calls me a lot and we see each other often – it’s so nice! We’ve been together for about seven weeks.

The one thing that is nagging at me is that he doesn’t have much education. He’s a plumber. Me? I have a master’s degree. I really wanted a man with a good education, so I feel confused about this.

On the one hand, I am grateful to you because with your help, I was actually open to meeting such a great guy! But the education thing is bugging me. What’s your take on this requirement?

Thanks Ronnie!
Educated but Puzzled

Dear Puzzled,

First let me say congratulations on your budding romance! Yeah! I knew you’d find a good man out there.

Now to address the education dilemma.

In my book MANifesting Mr. Right, I have a chapter called Perfection Won’t Keep You Warm at Night. You have every right to want what you want and get the qualities you seek in a man. But, where you can bend the rules a bit, it can be advisable.

Why? Not because you are "settling."  I despise that word! That’s not it alt all. When you loosen up on your requirements, you allow yourself to meet more men. More men will be eligible prospects and the wider the pool of applicants, the better your chances for finding the right man for you. This might apply to education, divorce, height, hair, income, or any number of criteria you have in place for screening potential suitors.

Regarding education specifically, my question to you is what will his college diploma do for you?

1) Some say that its a right of passage and an accomplishment. OK, that’s true, but there are certainly other measures of accomplishment.

2) You might feel a man without college won’t have much in common with you – but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

3) Perhaps you feel attending college is a sign of intelligence. I beg to differ on that one and have met many people with advanced degrees who don’t possess a bit of common sense or intelligence.

4) You want to be sure you are on par intellectually. But that college educated man could still be less equipped or smarter than you! College doesn’t guarantee intelligence.

Personally, I married a man without a college degree and it’s working out fine even though I have an MBA. Eight years and still going strong. Over the years, he’s learned more about marketing and business and I’ve learned quite a bit about mechanics and how things work. And when I need a proof reader, he’s my man. He sees the errors I make with exceptional skill and if you read my blog, you know I am the queen of typos unfortunately. So my masters degree hasn’t helped me there.

In addition, Paul reads the paper to keep up on current events, where I avoid the news because of it’s negativity. (Paul shares the highlights with me.) That’s just another reason why we are a great pair! We COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER. We are not the same, but we fit together well.

As long as you feel you can have a good conversation and he gets who you are and what you are talking about – isn’t that what counts? If you can find a way to relinquish this need for education, you may discover you have found a wonderful potential life partner.

Wishing you love,




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Do Your Actions Line Up with Your Intentions and Desires?

Elaine is 54, single, and an extremely busy executive with a job that is all consuming. Two weeks ago she went on a first date with Daniel, and she was complaining to me how he hadn’t called. She was surprised and confused to report that he had left a message just that day to set up their next date.

Elaine felt angry and apathetic about the second date. Two weeks was too long to wait and as a woman and a coach, I understand what she means. But we didn’t really have enough information to know for sure what had caused the time lapse. Maybe he doesn’t have the same dating agenda. Maybe he’s seeing several other women. Maybe he’s not that interested. Maybe he was out of town on business. Granted it wasn’t a good sign, but we can’t be completely sure it’s a bad sign.

Lastly, I pointed out that Daniel’s pace was actually perfect for Elaine’s busy schedule. Even if he had called sooner, Elaine was traveling on business and wouldn’t have been able to get together. And, she isn’t sure when she’ll be able to set up the date in the near future due to business and family obligations.

But let’s look past the surface here to go deeper into this situation.

Elaine  insists she yearns for a loving, committed relationship. But, does she have time for it? And does she really want love? Because looking at her situation objectively, Elaine’s actions don’t match up with her desire. She doesn’t have room for a man in her life. And she does very little to find one or free up her time constraints. After coaching for months, nothing has really changed regarding her schedule or her efforts to meet men.


Let me draw an analogy. According to Feng Shui, when you have a bookcase jam-packed with books, that sends a message to the Universe that you are "all filled up" and don’t need any more. That’s the reason a Feng Shui practitioner will suggest you make room in that bookshelf and unload some of those titles. The same holds true for your TIME.

If you are like Elaine, busy busy busy and all booked up, you are sending a message to the Universe that you have all you need. You have no more time, so why send anything else to you? Not the message you want to send is it?

To use the Law of Attraction properly, you not only have to focus on what you want, you have to take steps to find it as well. Elaine needs to line up her actions with her desire and intentions to find love.

I talked to Elaine about her time. How could she make room for some empty space? That gave her a good chuckle.  I suggested she could read a couple of books that had been piled up if nothing came to fill the space. But she had to start creating room in her calendar and life if she wanted to send out vibes of being available. Elaine understood.

In my book MANifesting Mr. Right, Chapter 4 goes over how to make yourself more available. To do so, the chapter explains how to:

Clear your Mind
Clear your Heart
Clear your Closet
Clear your Calendar

These gestures help to free you up on multiple levels and make room for a man in your life.

If you feel any of Elaine’s situation sounds like your life, you may want to start the clearing process too. To find out how, get your copy of MANifesting Mr. Right today. You can start to align your actions with your intentions and that is the surest way to attract what you want in life. Here’s to clearing things up soon!


Dating Over 40: Client Thanks Me with Valentine’s Day Card

Well here’s a new one. One of my clients sent me a Valentine’s Day card as a thank you for dating coaching.

Shelly and I worked together for a while, focusing on attitudes and beliefs that were keeping her from meeting the right men. She didn’t really think there were any good men out there. And she didn’t want to do much to try to find them either. I gave her some exercises to shift her resistance, which she actually did! We also created a Dating Attraction and Action Plan to help her cross paths with prospects.

To her credit, Shelly transformed her outlook and herself into a confident woman, in touch with her natural allure, with a savvy approach to dating. After the initial 6 sessions, Shelly called me for additional support just when she needed it.

And apparently, Shelly was well rewarded for her efforts. She happily reports she’s been dating a very nice guy for five months and is thrilled to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with him.

Will you be next? What will you do differently to change your dating karma? What will you try to meet new people? Please get some encouragement from Shelly’s experience and don’t wait another day to get started on your journey to find the love you want and deserve.

 A very Happy Valentine’s day to all. And my gift to anyone who stops by today is a fabulous
Buy One Get One Free special on anything (except the ebooks, sorry.)

Just hit the "buy now button" next to any item in the heart-mart, and in the "how’d you hear about" section of the checkout page, tell me which item of equal or lesser value you’d like as my Valentine’s gift to you. Sale ends midnight tonight, 2/14 eastern standard time.

Lots of Love from The Dating Coach!