Dating After Divorce: Love Complaints Trending on Twitter

Dating after divorce? Are you still bitter or angry? Singles today seem to be more bitter and angry than ever. And the Internet allows them to say anything and speak their minds. Is this a good thing? I’m not so sure. In my opinion, bitter begets bitter and anger attracts more anger.  It appears to … Read more

Dating Over 40: Brain Science Shows that Complaining is Bad for You

Complaining about men (or listening to man bashing) is destructive to your love life when you are dating over 40 or any time! I often write about how man bashing is for your love life if you are dating over 40. Talking poorly about men as a group brings down your energy and doesn’t help … Read more

Dating After Divorce: The Downside of Man Bashing

Do you think all single men are the same? Being a dating coach for 10 years now, I have noticed a trend which frankly troubles me.  Many women who are dating after divorce don’t respect men. They don’t value, like or appreciate men. You can tell by how they speak about men – both the … Read more

Dating After Divorce: How Do I Handle My Man-Bashing Girlfriends?

Here’s another great question from the 90 Challenge Group Dating Coaching program that started on Monday night. You are single again or maybe you’ve never been married. You have some single girlfriends which is very important for support and getting out to have fun. But what happens when those friends are bonded together through one … Read more