Dating After Divorce: Are You Stuck in the Fear of “What-if Land” ?

Carla, a 53 year old single mother from Chicago, called me because she is finally serious about finding love. She struggles with a series of counter-productive beliefs that definitely hamper her search. As a coach for dating over 40 and dating after divorce, it’s my job to help clients achieve their goal of finding love. … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Recipe for Peace of Mind & Greater Joy

Do you worry about things? I do sometimes. I just can’t stand it when the worry takes over my brain so I look for ways to distract myself and stop over thinking.  I’m talking about those endless thought loops where you go over something and over it – which can really create anxiety. Ever happen … Read more

Dating Over 40: Attracting Men and the Abundance of the Universe – I Found a 5 Leaf Clover

Sunday, working in my yard, I found not only a four leaf clover, but a five leaf clover too. You might not believe me. Most people I’ve told, question this extraordinary find, insisting that it must be another type of plant. But it’s a clover for sure. There it was, starring up at me from … Read more

Dating over 40: Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo

I’m reading a new book by Marie Forleo entitled, Make Every Man Want You. So far so good! I’m about half way through and it’s been excellent. Marie shares a lot of new perspectives about men and being irresistible to them. I wish these books were around when I was dating. It could have made my … Read more

Dating Over 40: Love Increases as Judgment Decreases

photo by automania Years ago I spent some time studying Hawaiian Shamanism. The other night I dragged out my favorite book on the subject, Urban Shaman by Dr. Serge Kahili King, which provides simple spiritual lessons and techniques that made a difference in my life. The Huna way is one of peace and working with … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Are You an Angry Woman? How Your Outlook Changes Your Dating Luck.

Dating is a very emotionally charged undertaking.  No question about it.  The idea of rejection is foremost on your mind and you are primed and ready for disappointment. Perhaps you’ve had more than your share of dating frustration. Here’s the interesting thing – when I compare notes with other dating professionals, we discovered that some people are … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Stop Worrying and Anticipate Good Things!

  Yesterday was a tough day for me. I had a strange interaction with a woman I do business with. She has a tendency to "read into" my emails, thinking that I’m being snotty or flippant, when that was not my intention. I simply said call me if you want to brainstorm and she heard … Read more

Dating Over 40: My Friends Attract Men at Events – Why Do I Have to Work to Meet Men?

  Dear Ronnie, I invited two friends to a big holiday bash last week and I was surprised at how things went. For some reason, my two friends just sort of stood around and smiled and men came up to them. Sally really hit it off with one guy who promised to call and Jen … Read more

Dating After Divorce: How Do I Get Men to Ask Me Out vs. Just Emailing?

I have been quite busy with online dating. Some men are weird, so I delete about 75% of them.  And then I’m frustrated by guys who want to be email buddies. They stall on inviting me for a real face-to-face meeting.  How long should I wait before I get honest and say, "Enough small talk, when do … Read more

Dating Over 40: Do You Hate Weddings? Turn Things Around with the Law of Attraction

Do you hate weddings? Are you sick of attending the nuptials of your friends and family? Do you dread the inevitable questions about when you’re going to settle down or marry again? You are not alone. For so many single women, going solo to yet another knot-tying event is nothing short of stomach-turning. I myself … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Are you in the “No Zone” in your Thinking about Men?

  Have you been out of circulation for a while? Yet you are reading dating blogs, articles in magazines and talking to your friends about finding a man.   Do you find yourself bemoaning the lack of men as a big topic of conversation with your girlfriends? Maybe you’re just out of practice and have … Read more

Dating Over 40: Does Your Love Life Need a Bail Out Too?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some higher source (not a political one though) who could swoop down and do something to straighten out your love life? Just like some Americans are hoping the government will bail out our financial system. Well the good new is – there is! You can rely on your … Read more

DAting OVer 40: Visual Affirmation of Love on YouTube

This mini-video is very well done. Amrita found so many gorgeous heart-shaped photos, Take a moment to view and listen to the lulling and expansive music which she wrote herself. This is a great way to reinforce your desire for love with visual impressions. By watching it, you are employing the law of attraction. It … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Becoming More Positive about Dating or Anything

Ever hear of Jerry and Esther Hicks? They run workshops called, "The Art of Allowing" which are very interesting. Esther shares insights about the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to anything and EVERYTHING in life. After listening to one of the recordings,  I come away uplifted and feeling good. The most powerful … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Astonishing Power of Intention

This is truly the most impactful experience I’ve had lately with the power of intention. While this example doesn’t apply to dating, the principles still hold true.  This is all related to the Law of Attraction  When your intention is clear about what you want to attract, everything happens more quickly. Regardless of why you … Read more

Dating Over 40:Prosperity and Love

Catherine Ponder, one of the most prominent women prosperity/success writers around, has written numerous books on prosperity. The one I’m reading right now is called Open Your Mind to Prosperity. Chapter 9 is called Prosperity through the Love Concept. I turned to this page and thought to myself – what? What has love got to do with … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Law of Attraction and a Truckload of Watermelons

Driving down the highway yesterday, I noticed a small pickup truck weighed down by cargo. The back end of the truck was riding lower than the normal horizontal position. From a distance, I couldn’t make out what was filling the truck’s bed, but as I got closer things became clear. Watermelons! A bountiful load of … Read more

Do Your Actions Line Up with Your Intentions and Desires?

Elaine is 54, single, and an extremely busy executive with a job that is all consuming. Two weeks ago she went on a first date with Daniel, and she was complaining to me how he hadn’t called. She was surprised and confused to report that he had left a message just that day to set … Read more

Dating Over 40: When I Use the Law of Attraction, Can I Visualize Colin Firth?

Dear Ronnie, There’s something that has always stumped me about trying to do visualization and work with the Law of Attraction. I’m supposed to visualize what I want and make lists of the characteristics: i.e. a guy who is happy, self-sufficient, fun to be with, smart, attractive (at least to me), healthy, etc.  But to … Read more