Manifesting Love – 3 Ways to Apply the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Love Have you tried using the Law of Attraction Love for manifesting love? The Law of Attraction is a Universal Principle that states “Like attracts like.” This works on an energetically – the non-verbal messages you send out into the Universe and how your own energy resonates. You want to be a … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Love Complaints Trending on Twitter

Dating after divorce? Are you still bitter or angry? Singles today seem to be more bitter and angry than ever. And the Internet allows them to say anything and speak their minds. Is this a good thing? I’m not so sure. In my opinion, bitter begets bitter and anger attracts more anger.  It appears to … Read more

Find Love: To Attract Love, Embody Love and Love Yourself More

More about online dating – this post is a continuation from yesterday. If you struggle with how to stay positive while dating, read on.   “Hi Ronnie – The Dating Coach for Women Thank you for the helpful ways to handle online dating disappointment and smart conversation tips you posted yesterday. I feel lucky because … Read more

The Law of Attraction: Imagining Creates a Magnetic Pull

Last week I was looking out my window, as a surprising winter wonderland emerged. Huge fluffy white snowflakes were blowing around, sticking to every pine needle on the tree just outside the second story window of my office. It was picturesque. So white and clean. So very romantic. How does this sound to you? I … Read more

Dating Over 40: Brain Science Shows that Complaining is Bad for You

Complaining about men (or listening to man bashing) is destructive to your love life when you are dating over 40 or any time! I often write about how man bashing is for your love life if you are dating over 40. Talking poorly about men as a group brings down your energy and doesn’t help … Read more

She Found the “One Thing” that Made Finding Love Her Reality

Are you tired of being single?  What if you could find that one thing that would shift your love life for good and help you find “The One”? A Remarkable Case Study – HoneyI want to share this amazing case study with you about one of my dating coaching clients. I worked with a woman … Read more

Midlife Dating: Today is the 1st Day of the Rest of Your Life

I awoke to the church bells ringing as I do every Sunday morning. The neighborhood church plays a beautiful bell-song at 8am. so what’s the news here? We’re still here, still alive, still going. According a particular Christian group, not sure who it is, they found a prediction in the New Testament that the final … Read more

Do You Lose Ground If You Don’t Have a Date Every Saturday Night?

My friend and colleague Terry Hernon MacDonald is a big proponent of the Law of Attraction (LOA) to attract the love you want. She wrote a great article recently that really digs deep into the details of how to use LOA. I thought it was fabulous so I am sharing it with you. I also … Read more

The Royal Wedding – Leverage the Global Love Bubble to Attract Your Own Love

    The Royal Wedding is today! At 6am edt, coverage begins of the British fairytale marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Will you be watching? Even a little bit of the pomp and ceremony? This might surprise you, but I recommend watching some fo the coverage. As your dating coach, I have very … Read more

Earth Day 2011 – Celebrate the Goddess

Today is Earth Day. Did you do anything yet to commemorate the day? This “green-focused” holiday celebrates the earth and is designed to raise consciousness about how we treat our “Mother.” I took part in a special ceremony to honor the Goddess, our Earth Mother. We honored her with offerings of cornmeal and water, took … Read more

Dating Over 40: Sing Your Own Love Song this Valentine’s Day by Ronnie Ann Ryan

It’s day five of the Valentine’s Day blog-a-thon! Happy Valentine’s day to you. I hope you’ve been reading along with the Blog-a-thon daily since it started on Thursday, 2/10 featuring a different guest dating blogger every day. There are still two more days to come so stop by again Tuesday and Wednesday so you don’t … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why He Turned Down a Threesome

Do you think all men are dogs? Terry MacDonald, blogger at explains why that’s not a great belief system. According to the Law of Attraction, what you think of as truth and choose to focus on is what you attract. Therefore , if you do believe all men are dogs – guess who you’ll likely meet? … Read more

Dating Over 40: Laurie Davis and Terry MacDonald Speaking Today at Dating for Keeps Expo

Are you leveraging online dating? Do you want to know the best way to maximize your results? What about applying the Law of Attraction to find the love of your life? Think it’s possible? That’s waht we’ll be talking about today at the Dating for Keeps Expo! Laurie Davis, founder of the eFlirt Expert, will … Read more

Dating Over 40: Is Your Ambivalence about Love Holding You Back?

So you are over 40, divorced or single and say you want to find a good life partner? Great! What are you doing to make that desire come true? As a dating coach for women dating over 40 or dating after divorce, I’ve seen and heard so much – I’m sure you can imagine. But … Read more

Dating Over 40: Are You Irritated with Men?

Beth, one of my over 40 dating coaching clients is feeling  down about her dating journey. Things aren’t happening the way she’d like and frankly, so many men who contact her on are simply irritating. I asked what she meant. “Well’, they wink, but don’t write. Or email but clearly haven’t read my profile. Or … Read more

Dating Over 40: Do You Find Dating as Annoying as Mosquito Bites?

Some of my dating coaching clients think dating is totally annoying. They don”t like: -the process -the men they meet -the Internet -the dances -to play games -wasting time meeting people Do you feel this way too? Can you related to this? If you said “Yes,” I’m not  surprised. I hear these feelings expressed all … Read more

Dating Over 40: Create an Affirmation to Leverage the Law of Attraction

Have you created an affirmation about love yet? Working with me as your dating coach, That’s one of the first things we do. It’s easy really. Here’s how you can do it to start attracting the love you want today. 1. Think about the qualities you want in your romantic partner. Is he happy, successful, … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Law of Attraction – Why You MUST Say Affirmations Out Loud?

This weekend I ran a workshop using the Law of Attraction to attract love. A lot of material was covered on how to create a powerful, customized affirmation for each class participant. After we completed the process, one woman asked me, “Do I have to say my affirmation out loud? What if I don’t’ feel … Read more

Do You Feel Passed Over by Love? 5 Powerful Methods to Attract Love – Part 1

Tonight is the first night of the Jewish holiday called Passover. It’s the story of the Jews being slaves in Egypt, and how Moses asked the Pharaoh to “Let my people go.” But the Pharaoh didn’t want to release his work force, so God sent 10 plagues, the last one being the taking of the … Read more

Dating Over 40: Does Dating Scare You as Much as the Dentist?

As a dating coach for women over 40 and those dating after divorce, I hear everything you can imagine. People who have been out of circulation can be freaked at the prospect of jumping back into the dating pool. It’s understandable. And there are several other fears that rank even higher. Did you know the … Read more