Dating Over 40: I Want Him Back!

Dear Dating Coach, Please tell me what to do. I am in a fix.  My boyfriend broke up with me because I wouldn’t sleep with him but wants us to still be friends. I still love him and this makes very sad. We work at the same place so I see him all the time. … Read more

Over 40 Dating: How Can I Get Him Back?

photo by Zyada Dear Ronnie, A few months ago I met this fabulous guy. We fell in love so fast. Crazy as it  seems Joe asked me to move in right away and I did. Initially everything was amazing. He was so romantic and fun! Unfortunately, within a short time, I got angry about something and blew … Read more

Dating Over 40: Sage Advice on Dating a Widower

My friend Terry Hernon MacDonald has a very insightful post on her blog about a relationship situation with a widower. Terry, who wrote the ebook How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams explains to the woman of 47 who requested help that instead of rushing things forward with the widower, it might … Read more