Understanding Men: Dinner Date Feng Shui for Independent Women

Need help understanding men as an independent, successful woman? Try Dinner Date Feng Shui! This may seem surprising, but as a strong, independent woman, you have likely adopted some masculine traits unknowingly. The reasons are simple: Today women are self-sufficient, movers and shakers with successful careers. You know how to take charge, make things happen, … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Where Are You Hiding Your Spirit?

Today I had a Feng Sui and Space Clearing Practitioner come to my home. This is what I call serious “Spring Cleaning” to help remove old or stagnant energy and make room for something new and fabulous! I do this every once in a while to make sure the energy keeps moving and remains harmonized for … Read more

Dating Over 40: This Feng Shui Cure for Finding Love Worked like a Fairytale

This is the best Feng Shui story I’ve ever heard. My friend Krista, Feng Shui expert and energy healer told me about a client of hers who she gave this advise to and how well it worked. Once upon a time, Krista’ had a client named Sherry. Sherry had already done a lot of Feng Shui … Read more