Dating Over 40: Why Can I Network But Feel Intimidated by Singles Events

The next question  from the 90 Day Challenge is another excellent topic to explore. 3. Why Can I Network But Feel Intimidated by Singles Events? Many women in business feel very comfortable networking at chamber events or various functions designed for mingling. Yet, when it comes to meeting people for social reasons and dating, they lose their … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Last Episode – More Drama than Matchmaking

Last night was the season finale of the Millionaire Matchmaker. Maybe I should say this, but I was very disappointed with the episode. totally over the top in the Bravo drama department, very little matchmaking substance. Let’s pick it apart shall we? First Stacy returns demanding an apology from Patti. Yeah, like that is going … Read more

Dating Over 40: To Use Your Feminine Charm – Think Hospitality

I was in Boston last weekend at a National Speakers Association meeting. The topic was  how to prepare and deliver a speech that engages people and he discussed the difference between customer service and hospitality. A light bulb went on for me as I started thinking how this related to dating.  Customer service focuses on … Read more

Dating Over 40: Does “Hanging Out” Mean He Only Wants a Casual Thing?

  Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach I went on a blind date and things went well. He texted me the next day (Thursday) asking to make weekend plans. Personally, I don’t like texting to set up dates, but I did respond. On Friday morning, he texted back asking me if I wanted to “hang … Read more

Dating Over 40: Do I Need a Femininity Makeover?

Hey Ronnie! My question: My attractive, sexy, therapist neighbor just told me he thought I was gay. GAY! As a single woman in her 50’s trying to find (heterosexual) love, and a man like him (he’s married, so, not him), I was devastated! I obviously am not putting out the ‘available’ vibe to men. I … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Please Drop the Ball – How to Find Out if He’s Interested in You

I was reading a personal dating blog yesterday with a really good post about a dating situation. the blogger/dater was asking for help in understanding what happened. That’s where I come in – The Dating Coach with answers. Of course it’s much easier for me now to look at situations like these more objectively since … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Flirting Lessons with Madeleine Albright!

Last night I watched Real Time with Bill Maher.  One of his special guests was Madeleine Albright,past Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration.  Maher asked Madeleine a variety of questions. Then he veered off into an area that surprised me. Bill suggested that it’s easier for women to be Secretary of State because women … Read more