Understand Men: Mixed Signals from Men Are So Confusing

Discover how to understand men and their mixed signals which can be confusing. Texting, canceling, cooking you dinner, what does it all mean? What Do His Mixed Signals Mean? “Hi Ronnie Love & Dating Coach for Women, I need some help to understand men. Two months ago I was in another town on business. When … Read more

Does Social Media Help You Find Love?

Can You Find Dates on Facebook and Twitter? Do you use social media on a regular basis? Some people can’t be bothered while others claim to be addicted. Either way, people are starting to meet new folks via social media and that is what I am talking about in this post. You can learn a … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Why Did He Contact Me on Facebook?

This is another one of those Facebook stories which are becoming more common these days. The truth is Facebook is just a communication tool and not a direct method to find love. If a man over 40 genuinely wants to connect with you, he has to take things to the next level beyond Facebook… “Dear Dating Coach, … Read more

Over 40 Dating : Can I Get Dates on Facebook?

Yup! That’s another great tip from Jerry, that single midlife guy I spoke about the other day. Jerry tells me he got sick of Match.com and those other big sites because it wastes his time. “Women just won’t write back or respond. I don’t understand – isn’t that why they joined?” Excellent question Jerry, I … Read more