Relationship Advice: He’s My Soul Mate, But Our Relationship Is Secret

This relationship advice is for any woman who doesn’t know where she stands with her man. Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, I’ve known this guy for almost three years. We’ve been friends, but have started to talk and date since he’s gotten divorce. We also work together so though I see him daily and have … Read more

Find Love: Why Didn’t He Want Exclusivity with Me?

  To Find Love, Go For Exclusivity in a Relationship This letter was from a woman who had a hard time understanding why a man she met online, who seemed to appreciate who she was would let her go? The question really comes down to exclusivity. She handled this well, but I gave her a … Read more

Dating Over 40: Getting to Exclusivity

You meet this great guy who seems very interested in you. He connects with you often via email and text. He calls you once a week and you see him one to three times a week – with him it tends to vary. Your time together is fun, he “gets” you and you can see … Read more

Dating After Divorce: No Exclusivity Discussion = No Exclusivity

  If you’ve been dating a guy for two to three months (or potentially longer) and you’re wondering if he’s seeing anyone else, that’s a fair question. Women often want to know what’s going on behind the scenes and usually with good reason. A woman wants to know if because she: Is falling for him … Read more