Dating Over 40: When Online Dating Just Stinks!

Everytime I speak or present a workshop on any dating topic, the conversation is guaranteed to end up on how online dating stinks! People are frustrated, angry, bitter, confused and fall into despair about this method to meet new people. What are they mad about? Here’s what my dating coaching clients tell me who are … Read more

Lori Gottlieb’s New Book – Marry Him – Creates a New Vision for Mr. Good Enough

When I first encountered Lori Gottlieb’s controversial article in the February 2008 issue of Atlantic Monthly, I hated the idea of settling and simply couldn’t get past the choice of language. Now that I have read her new book, I can honestly say– it’s a must read for every woman over 35 looking for a … Read more

Dating Over 40: A Word On Chemistry

Chemistry. Women just have to have it. They talk about it, insist on it, dream about it. Chemistry is one of those things that my dating coaching clients bring up all the time. It’s very difficult to talk a woman out of the idea that she NEEDS instant chemistry. And if they don’t feel this … Read more