Dating Questions: Why Didn’t He Call for a Second Date?

Curious why he didn’t call for a second date? This is dating question plagues women of all ages. Read on to discover the best way to handle this and what you can do about it.   Hi Ronnie, The Dating Coach for Women, I recently exchanged emails with this guy I met through an online … Read more

Find Love: 1000 Articles About Dating, Love & Understanding Men

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Dating After Divorce: When is it OK to Invite a Man on a Date?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, Feminine energy is about being receptive, I know.   When is it OK to invite a man that you have dated somewhere?  I saw an opportunity to buy theatre tickets cheaply via  my company discount.   Is it OK to ask a man that I’ve been out with two to three … Read more

Over 40 Dating: 5 Reasons to Put Men on the “Do Not Call” List

Dating Case Study with Analysis and Solution Date #1 Karen was complaining about the latest guy she met during her dating coaching session. She met Gary on, emailed for  a week or so, talked on the phone and they agreed to meet.  Their first date on Tuesday night went really well. Date #2 Then … Read more