Understand Men: Believe Him When He Says It’s Not the Right Time

This question comes up so often with my dating coaching clients. How do you know when to believe what a man says to you, and when to disregard the words and look for more accurate signals of truth in his behavior? I’ll explain a simple way to better understand this situation and understand men. Please … Read more

Dating Over 40: A Word On Chemistry

Chemistry. Women just have to have it. They talk about it, insist on it, dream about it. Chemistry is one of those things that my dating coaching clients bring up all the time. It’s very difficult to talk a woman out of the idea that she NEEDS instant chemistry. And if they don’t feel this … Read more

Dating Over 40: I Celebrated My Anniversary with Take Out

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go? This year Paul got an “A” for effort. He hasn’t always gotten such high marks. (The joke between us is that he may be my Mr. Right, but he sure isn’t Mr. Perfect. But I’m not Mrs. Perfect either.) … Read more

Dating Over 40: Sex Week at Yale

Can you believe this one? Back in 2002, a Yale student pulled together a few speakers for Valentine’s week and now it’s turned into a mighty extravaganza event with nationally known speakers. Sex Week at Yale covers an array of topics from p-o-r-n, to orgasm, to finding love. And what a line up! Dr. Ruth who … Read more

Dating Over 40: Marry Him – Atlantic Monthly’s Article on Why Women Should Settle

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought about settling? A lot of women swear they would never settle, while others claim they have. Some settlers are very happy with their choice, while others are less enthusiastic about their results. Most of this is irrelevant if you ask me, because first we need to establish what … Read more