Dating Red Flags and Phone Relationships: Should I Take it to the Next Level?

Dear Ronnie, “I am  43, never been married and am currently talking to a guy (long distance) that I’ve known for about 3 years now. We met in grad school in 2008 and did not reconnect until March 2009 via phone. We’ve been talking ever since. He is now divorced and told me that he has … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker: This Week’s Episode Was a Creep Fest!

Did you watch this week’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo? More like Tales from the Cript, the guy’s might have had money but were richer in creep factor. Shall I say “eeeewwwwooooo!” Creepy Millionaire #1 – Dave – The Facts: Just moved out from living with is brother at 35! Strange looking – “like a serial … Read more

Dating After Divorce: But, I Have a History of Bad Picking!

  This weekend I was speaking to old college friends about what else – dating! One friend Allison complained that the biggest obstacle to her getting back out there to find a man or date is the fact that she has not chosen well in the past. "I have a history of picking the wrong men!" … Read more