Dating After Divorce: Jellyfish Breakup

  I’ve been coaching an under 30 something guy, helping him with his break up. My heart goes out to him because he was in deep and his girl was taking him for a ride. Dan bought his girlfriend moved in together. Everything was blissful until Dan lost his job. That was a big blow … Read more

Dating Over 40: Online Profile Tip – Portray Yourself as a Desirable Woman

  Are you a busy professional? Do you have a demanding, important job that occupies most of your time and energy?  You may really enjoy and have true passion for your work. But let me ask you this question: If a man wrote that he’s a busy professional with a demanding job that takes up most of his … Read more

Dating Over 40: Feeling Insecure? Sage Advice from Christine Acguilera

I had a meeting today that didn’t go so well. It wasn’t really all that bad, but mildly unpleasant. In fact, after it was all over, I felt a little insecure or maybe a bit lost. That’s when the radio can really be your friend. Hasn’t this happened to you? You’re thinking about something that … Read more

Dating After Divorce: What to Do When You’re Spiraling into Negativity and Discouraged

  Dating is not always easy. Maybe you’ve hit a bad streak and nothing is clicking. Maybe you’ve had some disasters or disappointments. This is all part of the "looking for love" process and is to expected. but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or fun and sometimes it’s down right depressing. I know, I’ve been there … Read more

Dating OVer 40: Are you Dating MIA – Missing in Action?

  This has been the craziest week i can remember. I went from meeting to meeting and barely even got a chance to look at my email, never mind blog. I was MIA from a good portion of my normal routine and life. As a result, quite a bit just didn’t’ get done this week. … Read more

Dating Over 40: Trick or Treat? Dating Advice that Dispels Creepy Notions about Finding Love

  For many, Halloween conjures thoughts of scary movies, haunted houses, witches and goblins. But you’d be surprised how many people find the idea of dating in mid-life just as frightening, if not more! As a professional dating coach, I’d like to dispel a few of the chilling misconceptions that keep people from taking steps … Read more

Dating OVer 40: Conversation Starters – How to Break the Ice with Men

  In my 100 Day Challenge Group, one of the participants wanted to know how to strike up a conversation with a man she is interested in. I think the easiest thing is to pick up on something from what’s going on around you. But there are several other ways to "skin the cat" as the saying goes…(that is … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Wiggle Room

When you first start dating someone, you might not want to spill the beans about your whole life story for a number of reasons. 1. First off, you don’t want to scare anyone away! 2. You want to keep things positive and upbeat, not tell war stories 3. You want to make a good impression … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Sensitive Man Shell-Shocked by Criticism

  This week I reconnected with an old boss. Mark is such a nice guy – always has been, always will be. We were talking marketing and copywriting, had a few laughs and then I made a comment on how he is such an easy going guy to which he replied, "Tell that to my … Read more

Dating OVer 40: e-Harmony – My Pet Peeve

One of my readers asked about e-Harmony again this week. Do they have a free coupon, what’s the best deal etc.My response has nothing to do with their promotional efforts. I haven’t a clue about that. But here’s what I do know from talking with hundreds of women over 40. There are very few men … Read more

Dating Over 40: Do You Hate Weddings? Turn Things Around with the Law of Attraction

Do you hate weddings? Are you sick of attending the nuptials of your friends and family? Do you dread the inevitable questions about when you’re going to settle down or marry again? You are not alone. For so many single women, going solo to yet another knot-tying event is nothing short of stomach-turning. I myself … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Six Ways to Get Past Your Resistance to Getting Started on the Dating Journey

You’ve been divorced for a while now, maybe a year, maybe a lot longer. Friends have asked you what you are doing to meet men, but you calmly reply, "Not much." And that’s OK, for a while. Not that everyone must have a new relationship. I understand how it’s not for everyone. But if you … Read more

Dating Over 40: Your Opening Line Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science to Start a Conversation

  Did you ever see a man in the grocery line who you wanted to talk to? Maybe he was in the line at the bank or even at a friend’s party. You struggle to come up with something to say. It feels like you can hear the clock ticking while you pray that your … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Are you in the “No Zone” in your Thinking about Men?

  Have you been out of circulation for a while? Yet you are reading dating blogs, articles in magazines and talking to your friends about finding a man.   Do you find yourself bemoaning the lack of men as a big topic of conversation with your girlfriends? Maybe you’re just out of practice and have … Read more

Dating Over 40: Does Your Love Life Need a Bail Out Too?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some higher source (not a political one though) who could swoop down and do something to straighten out your love life? Just like some Americans are hoping the government will bail out our financial system. Well the good new is – there is! You can rely on your … Read more

Dating Over 40: The New York Cab Theory on When Men Decide to Marry

  This past Sunday in the New York Times was a very interesting article about how men decide to get married and to whom. According to the writer, Tad Safron, it appears to be random in nature and based solely on his sense of timing. Here’s Tad’s theory: Think of a man’s perspective on relationships like a ride … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why Women Think All Men Stink and How that Affects Dating Success

Between the Wall Street news and US politics, I have been in search of some levity. And I found it at Defending the Caveman, a one man show at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT.  Originally on Broadway, this show was both highly entertaining and amazingly insightful. Taking things to the most elemental … Read more

Dating Over 40: I Wish I Could See Him More Often

Melanie has been seeing John for 5 months now. Overall things are pretty good. They enjoy each others’ company and she hasn’t noticed any big red flags. Whew! Yet Melanie thought things would be farther along by now. They spend their weekends together, but she wishes they could have dinner on a few week night … Read more

Dating After Divorce: But, I Have a History of Bad Picking!

  This weekend I was speaking to old college friends about what else – dating! One friend Allison complained that the biggest obstacle to her getting back out there to find a man or date is the fact that she has not chosen well in the past. "I have a history of picking the wrong men!" … Read more

Dating Over 40: Crushing on a Man

When was the last time you had a crush? Can you remember back that far? Or maybe you’re having one right now? A crush is a rush of intense attraction. One that makes your heart do that school girl pitter patter. You’re excited, maybe giggly, sometimes flirty. You’ve been caught actually batting your eye lashes.(Don’t … Read more