What Attracts a Man to a Woman? Feminine Charm!

Have you ever read The Dating Goddess’s blog? She writes fabulous posts about being over 40 and single. In a recent post, she had a conversation with a guy friend who’d like to date her,. He explained the attraction she has, “You have this tough, businesslike, ‘don’t mess with me’ exterior. But inside, you’re soft … Read more

5 Tips to Survive a Breakup

Going though a breakup stinks at any age. Whether you are 22 or 42, a breakup is a loss that requires healing time. There are lots of ways to recover from a broken heart and what will work for each person varies. As a dating coach for women who are dating after divorce or dating … Read more

How Can I Heal After Being Heartbroken by a Charming Man?

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, I joined a singles club and started dating one of the guys who swept me off my feet with his charm. He has a wonderful sense of humor (he made me laugh every day with funny e-mails or calls), romantic evenings dining and dancing. He’s seven years older than me … Read more

Did He Pull Away Because I Chased Him?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach for Women, I’ve been seeing some guy for 4 months now, and we have had some really good times together. Although, the past few weeks have been really rocky between us and I think its because I chased him too much. how can I make things better between us? … Read more

New Definitions for Chemistry: Feeling Comfortable and Good Conversation

Chemistry Of Love Big news on the chemistry of love! A new study shows surprising results regarding how people view good chemistry for dating. Most people might think physical attraction would rank highest as the determinant for good chemistry. But It’s Just Lunch, a matchmaking service who sponsored the research, discovered other things were more … Read more

Hey Cinderella – Sweep that Man Out of Your Life!

Dear Ronnie, I am in dire need of some advice. I have been dating a guy for 3 months. I have my own apartment, but am at his house a lot, 2-4 days during the week. When I’m there, I act as if we are married – cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of his dogs … Read more

Where to Find Love – Lots of New Research on Love

Where to Find Love That’s the proverbial question. As a dating coach for women who are dating over 40 or dating after divorce, I often explain that you can literally find love anywhere and every where. But it requires an attitude of love. Being loving is the first step to attracting the love you want. … Read more

He Says Loves Me – What Happened?

He Left, But He Said He Loved Me Hello Ronnie The Dating Coach, “I was dating this guy last summer and we had a wonderful time. He was all over me. When I was with friends and family he made me feel loved accepted. When we were alone, he was the sweetest thing. Flowers, gifts … Read more

Get a New Viewpoint on Your Midlife Love Life

I went away this past Sunday and Monday. We didn’t have a plan beyond driving to Massachusetts. Everything started out well. We found a flea market and the weather was gorgeous. Next there was lunch in a Tibetan restaurant. Something different! So far so good. Then the rain started. Still not so bad. We kept driving. The … Read more

She’s Back! Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger’s Back with  a Season 5 on Bravo Let me start by saying that its good to see Patti again. But, um, is it me, or did she have a little somethin’ somethin’ done to that face? Her eyes definitely looked different and no amount of eye shadow was hiding that lift. (OK, maybe … Read more

Online Dating Advice: Do You Take Rejection Personally?

Online Dating Advice Last week, the big topic was online dating rejection. Many of my dating coaching clients feel very angry and frustrated by their experiences online. They are confused and tired of being rejected senselessly. Women want to know why men:  Don’t respond to their emails Ask for your number, but don’t call Suddenly … Read more

Virtual Dating: Don’t Waste Time with Relationships that Aren’t in Real Time

Have you gotten involved in a relationship that involved  only email, IMing or texting? The guy seems really interested. He communicates frequently via technology. Some of the messages are really sweet. He updates you on what he’s doing and where he’s going. So why haven’t you seen much of him? And sometimes, you haven’t even met … Read more

Is it Hard to Keep Your Happy Face On When Dating Over 40?

When you go to a big event where you don’t know a lot of people, do you find it difficult to keep that happy smile on your face? If you said yes, I know what you mean. I just attended a 3-day workshop in Florida and people were simply loving it! While much of the … Read more

Dating After 40: Deal Breakers for Men and Women

Do you have a list of dating deal breakers? These are things about a man that you won’t tolerate. I hope you do, but if not, it’s time to make one up. This isn’t a list of the 40 irritating things guys have done in your past. These are the narrow few, completely intolerable behaviors … Read more

7 Top Tips to Attract the Love You Want

Back in April, I spoke at a holistic expo in Portland, OR. My friend Lisa, recorded my program so that anyone can listen to these proven yet simple strategies to find the love you want. Let me give you a sneak peak here so you can get an idea of what some of those powerful … Read more

Dating Over 40: Do You Have Only One Soulmate?

What does “Soulmate” mean to you? According to Dictionary.com, it is a noun, meaning: “A person with whom one has a strong affinity.” That is so lack luster and dull for a word with so much emotional zest. Many of my dating coaching clients talk about seeking their soulmate. They feel there is one special person … Read more