Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan Is Listed in the Top 12 Dating Blogs!

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Dating Over 40: 3 Top Dating Experts Today at the Dating for Keeps Expo

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Dating Over 40: Laurie Davis and Terry MacDonald Speaking Today at Dating for Keeps Expo

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Dating Over 40: To Use Your Feminine Charm – Think Hospitality

I was in Boston last weekend at a National Speakers Association meeting. The topic was  how to prepare and deliver a speech that engages people and he discussed the difference between customer service and hospitality. A light bulb went on for me as I started thinking how this related to dating.  Customer service focuses on … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Did I End it Too Soon?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, I am 37 with a school-aged child. I’ve been seeing a 37 y/o guy with no kids/never been married who when I first met him said “I love kids” and he wanted children of his own. I said I wanted the same thing.  He called me every other day … Read more

Dating Over 40: Believe Him When He Says, “I Don’t Want to Marry”

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Dating Over 40: How Do I Answer Him When He Asks, “Why Aren’t You Married?”

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, What if you’re a successful, capable, woman in your early 40’s and you’ve never been married (for all the various reasons: haven’t met the right person, dated the wrong men, demanding career, etc.). You’ve achieved a lot, have plenty to offer and have every reason to feel proud. However, you … Read more