Dating After Divorce: The Unavailable Man Otherwise Called the “UM Syndrome”

Have you met a great guy who is  not yet divorced, but seems like he’s perfect for you? This happens  with surprising frequency among my over 40 dating coaching clients. Truth is anyone can fall victim to the “UM Syndrome – Unavailable Man. I too have been down this path in my younger days. Thinking … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Youtube Video on Red Flags about Dating Divorced Men

Are you divorced and looking for love or at least thinking about it? Dating after divorce can be  more difficult because now you have ” baggage.”  And the men will too! But don’t let that stop you because many times, divorced men can be great catches and more willing to try again. But it helps … Read more

Dating After Divorce: How to Play the Game with a New Man

Kim, a divorced woman of 51, is one of my over 40    dating coaching clients who complained to me this am in her session about a new guy she just met. Kim has a lengthy list of criteria about the men she will date. Still she manages to meet several men every week without fail. … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Questions about Dating a Dad

  Dear Dating Coach, I am dating a single dad for two months now. I met him when we used to work together two years ago. At that time he lived with his son’s mother, but now they broke up. I do like him, but I’m not 100% sure if i can handle being in a serious relationship … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Can I Be Honest with Him Upfront about His Kids and Ex-Wives?

  Dear Ronnie, I met a guy with real potential on the internet. He has a great profile and is very smart. We talked on the phone and had a really wonderful conversation. So I’m excited to say we’re meeting for coffee this week. . Unfortunately, he has several kids from different ex-wives. This is a nightmare to me … Read more

Dating Over 40: Why can’t a man just tell you when things are over?

  Dear Dating Coach, Why can’t a man just tell you when things are over?   I had a long distance relationship with this great guy for 15 months. He had been a client and while we worked together, we spoke daily. At one point he flew out for a meeting and we got to … Read more