Does Social Media Help You Find Love?

Can You Find Dates on Facebook and Twitter? Do you use social media on a regular basis? Some people can’t be bothered while others claim to be addicted. Either way, people are starting to meet new folks via social media and that is what I am talking about in this post. You can learn a … Read more

What Emotion Is the Biggest Turn Off for Men on a First Date?

On a first date, do you know the single emotion men dread most? It might not be what you think. You might think they hate to deal with sadness from a past relationship or a woman who appears needy. Granted, those are two impressions that probably won’t bode well for a second date either. But … Read more

Reading Body Language: Do You Know What Your Body’s Saying?

He’s Reading Your Body Language, So Tell Him a Friendly Story about Yourself Whether you know it or not, your body is sending signals before you utter a word. If you are single, working on your body language is a good use of your time, especially for women. Why? Because when you flirt, you are … Read more

Marriage Trends in America are Down

As a dating coach, trends like this are big on my radar and this was a huge news story around December 14th. A new report completed by the  Pew Research Center announced that marriage trends are still declining in the United States, (as well as in Europe and other developed nations) as it has been … Read more

Why Does Santa Get All the Attention, When the Elves Do All the Work?

Every year it’s the same thing. Santa, Santa, Santa! I know he’s a jolly fellow and delivers all the toys. But honestly, isn’t it time to give those adorable elves some attention too? Elves are the backbone of North Pole operations. They work hard all year long, making gifts to fulfill everyone’s wishes (those who … Read more

5 Golden Rings, But All I Need Is One!

Remember that fun Christmas song “A Partridge in a Pair Tree”? It has gifts that you sing about – one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. The fifth day features “5 golden rings”.  As a single woman, when you hear this, your thoughts might drift off to something like…Five? All I need is … Read more

Tired of Being Single and Silent Nights Alone?

Tired of being single? If you’ve been solo for a while, you have likely spent many nights alone. That’s the “Silent Night” I’m talking about, a take off on the age-old, classic Christmas song. Being single is certainly not all bad! No struggling with the covers. No snoring. At least not by anyone but you. … Read more

Rejection Email Goes Viral: Rule #1 – Never Write it Down!

Women often seek my dating advice on how to let a man know you’re not interested. This is tricky because you never really know who you are dealing with. Case in point – this article from the Huffington Post about an investment manager’s embarrassing email asking why he didn’t get  a second date. It seems … Read more

Are All Men Liars, Cheaters and Unworthy of You?

Are Your Assumptions about Men Accurate? This weekend I had a table at a wonderful women’s event about beauty on the inside and out. I had several very interesting exchanges with some of the women in which they shared their beliefs about the men available on the “single’s scene”. Holy Moly – what an earful … Read more

Do Your Feathers Get Ruffled by the Way Men Talk to You?

I read a great post on the Dating Goddess’s blog about what language choice has to say about who your date is. I think there is a lot of information in how a person expresses him or herself and much that we can learn. The Dating Goddess (DG) is a very successful business consultant whose … Read more

Why Can’t Women Open Up to Love? A Widower’s Opinion

A few years ago I was teaching a continuing education class at a local school on finding Mr. Right. Much to my surprise, a man registered. No, he wasn’t gay looking for Mr. Right himself.  Fred was hoping to learn how to find Ms. Right after his dear wife of 25 years had passed away. … Read more

Is Scientific Research Taking the Romance out of Romance?

NY Times Article Reduces Romance to Pronoun Choice According to a recent article from the New York Times (October 27th), researches have discovered that the pronouns we use when speaking to someone new, can actually predict if we make it as a couple. They have developed a software  program (LMS) that compares the pronouns (you, … Read more

Can I Rekindle the Spark and Connection We Had at the Start?

Dear Ronnie the Dating Coach for Women, I am 40, and newly single. I’ve been seeing a man for about a month and I broke all your rules, but he is still calling me. At least for now. Things have definitely been cooling off. When we met, it was all electricity and we both felt … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker – Meet the Muscle-Bound Cruz Brothers

On Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, the muscle-bound Cruz brothers ask Patti Stanger to fix them up with dates. Dave does well, but Abe crashes and burns. Christian Clothing Hot Shots – the Cruz Brothers Seek Love with the Help of Patti Stanger In this episode, we meet two brothers who have a successful line of Christian, … Read more

Millionaire Matchmaker – A Tale of Two “So-Called” Nice Guys

The Arrogant Nice Guy and the Guy with TMI Turn to Patti Stanger for Dating Help I must apologize for being so far behind on my Millionaire Matchmaker commentaries! Not sure how that happened exactly, but let me catch you up on a couple of episodes. The tale of two nice guys includes finding matches … Read more

I Don’t Want to Chase Him, But He Doesn’t Initiate!

Dear Ronnie the Dating Coach for Women over 40, I have an interest for this guy who also works for the same company, but in a different building. He’s tall, dark and handsome, just the way I like them. The only thing is, he is really shy. We have gone for coffee and it went … Read more

Do I Have to Appear Needy to Attract a Man?

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach for Women Over 40, I’m 52 years old and I look rather young for my years.  I haven’t had a date since my divorce 4 1/2 years ago.  No so much as a phone call.  I have tried and e-harmony with no luck.   I still haven’t found one … Read more

How Can I Heal After Being Heartbroken by a Charming Man?

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, I joined a singles club and started dating one of the guys who swept me off my feet with his charm. He has a wonderful sense of humor (he made me laugh every day with funny e-mails or calls), romantic evenings dining and dancing. He’s seven years older than me … Read more